Out and about in New York

Love from Lisa Out and About in New York Skyscrapers

I love New York, I’ve been there a few times and it’s always different.

The reason for this visit was to reunite with Nick. Prior to this visit he’s been away from Ryan for 5 weeks, which is way too long in baby development world.

New York with an infant means less shopping, but better opportunities to explore places by foot that I normally wouldn’t. So seeing New York in a quieter more peaceful way was really nice.

Where to stay
We stayed at the Andaz Hotel at 5th Avenue at 41st Street. It’s a gorgeous boutique hotel. Our room had a massive shower with three different head types! It was centrally located near Bryant Park, New York Public Library, Times Square, and Grand Central Station.

Things to see
Unlike previous visits, this time I got to really explore Central Park, which I’ve always admired but haven’t actually ever walked around for a decent amount of time.

It’s very easy to get lost in the quietness and serenity of this park, which is surrounded by busy streets and skyscrapers.

There’s plenty of parks within the park, a baseball field, old buildings, gorgeous squirrels, bridges, and plenty of food stops.

Love from Lisa Out and About in New York Central Park Squirrel

Love from Lisa Out and About in New York Central Park Story Bridge

Times Square at Broadway and Seventh Avenue is what I am pretty sure is synonymous with New York. It’s packed with tourists, cars, lights, and is a shopper’s paradise. This time around we just walked the entire strip to get to Central Park. Doing it this way was really nice as there was no pressure to push our way through lines of people to reach a particular destination.

Love from Lisa Out and About in New York Times Square

Places to eat
The Shop at Andaz Hotel is fantastic! I’ve yet to find a place in Windsor that has a breakfast anywhere as good as Melbourne. I finally found one at The Shop. I had the eggs, meat, hash browns and roasted tomato – so good!

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