What will my story be?

What will my story be?
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On my recent trip to Sydney I overheard a conversation between a woman and a couple. The woman was telling the couple about the life that she had lived. And boy what a life it was.

Her life was full of amazing stories including skiing in Europe, working for the UN, travelling to exotic places with her husband due to working for Qantas for 30 years, having her passport threatened to be taken off her in one of the exotic places, the fashion trends she followed, and even the restaurants she ate at. It wasn’t even a long bus trip so who knows what other stories she could have told.

When the woman exited the bus to continue her amazing life story the couple talked amongst themselves. I don’t know if they were trying to comprehend what just happened, but I started to think about her stories and realised that there is no way my life will ever be, and has yet to be anything like that.

What stories could I tell strangers on the bus? Umm so far they would be that I was practically a straight A student in high school and was so busy studying I didn’t party and get drunk like everyone else. I went to a Uni I didn’t like and the most adventurous thing I did was stop my accounting degree to do human resources. I didn’t even know what human resources was, I just did it because my best friend at the time was doing it. I then started working full time and at 25 went back to Uni to do a Masters of Marketing. I then worked in marketing before recently becoming redundant and then….

I say and then…. because right now my story has come to the end of the book with no deal for a sequel.

I’m not unhappy with the story of my life so far. I’ve been blessed with good health which has allowed me to travel overseas every year, sometimes multiple times. I have a great boyfriend, sister, and friends. But that’s it, I don’t have any exciting stories, no kids to brag about, no ring to show, no ski injuries (I have a sports injury scar but definitely not one I want to bring out to show and tell).

At this stage I have no stories that I can tell strangers on the bus. Is it too late to have a great story? Are my best story telling years behind me? Has my story yet to be written? Will I have to make a story up? I don’t know, all I know is that I’m not a great story teller so won’t be able to fabricate one. I guess this means that my story still needs to be written?


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