What I’ve learnt so far about….painting

Painting prep 1

After undertaking a mammoth garden overhaul, I found myself in the overhaul spirit, so decided to do something that I’ve put off for three years, which is finally paint three bedrooms in my home.

This job started out as needing to paint two bedrooms, which were kids bedrooms in a previous life.  They were pink and blue so they desperately needed re painting.

I’m also on a mission to give the master bedroom a makeover, which I’ve started by buying a pendant light. To continue its makeover journey I also decided to paint this room, hence my two bedroom job now becoming a three bedroom job.

And guess what, yep another addition; whilst I was all about painting I decided to paint the master bedroom wardrobe. Needless to say, I’m now all officially painted out and am NOT keen to do this again.

Here’s some valuable lessons I learnt that I hope will assist anyone looking to DIY their own paint job, and if you do, I salute you!

Painting broken window

1. The BIGGEST tip I can give you is please, please, please don’t be crazy and use a ledge which has a window behind it to help you push furniture. In this case it was a case of backside meet bedroom window, bedroom window meet the glazier!

Painting cornice masking

2. Prep is key, but also the worst part. I taped up every cornice, skirting board, door, and window with masking tape. I was going to use the famous blue tape that everyone uses but went against it. This may have been a mistake, as when I removed the tape it also removed the white paint in large sections. I’ve since been told that no matter what tape you use you need to remove it almost the next day. Just be super careful when you remove the tape as it took me ages to paint over the removed paint sections.

Painting prep 2

3. I covered the floors in the first room I did with blue plastic, which I ended up not being a fan of. I ended up using old bed sheets for the rest of the rooms as I found the plastic often got in my way, and when removing it from the floor the tape I used to hold it down ripped the plastic, or smudged it against the walls putting paint on the floor.

4. Do your cuttings first, these are all the corners, under the cornices, and on top of the skirting boards. Use a small brush and layer the paint quite thick and wide.

Painting wall from hell 2

5. If you have to patch or smooth out a wall before painting it then good luck, it’s a super horrible mammoth job! Make sure you invest in an electric sander. I picked up this one from Bunnings.

6. Lastly wardrobes are horrible to paint.  Mine took me longer than painting a whole bedroom due to all the nooks and crannies. So make sure you dedicate enough time and energy for this part.


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