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Love from Lisa wardrobe makeover

One of my favourite chores is decluttering and organising my wardrobe and drawers.

If this is something you’ve wanted to do for ages, here’s how I go about it. I hope it provides you with some ideas.

Step 1 – Take it all, and I mean all, out!

Take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and lay it all on your bed.

Step 2 – Let the decluttering begin

One by one go through everything and categorise it as follows:

Cull – if it doesn’t fit, you don’t love it, or you haven’t worn it in over 6 months, then it’s time to go. Place these items in a garbage bag and put the bag in your car so you can donate them. Don’t be tempted to take anything out of this bag. They’ve been bagged because for some reason you don’t want them anymore.

Chuck – if an item’s beyond repair then bin it.

Keep – everything left over is to keep.

Step 3 – Categorise

I place each item in the keep pile into one of three category piles, which are work, casual, and occasion.

Step 4 – Time to organise

This is the fun part! This is where I put away each item based upon their category and colour. To explain this madness, this is what I do:

Items that go into my drawers

Work tops are folded into two piles and placed in the same drawer. Casual tops are folded into one pile and placed in the drawer underneath.

Pyjamas and exercise gear
These are folded into separate piles and placed together in the one drawer.

Items that go in my wardrobe

This is where I get all fancy and put items away not only by category, but also by colour!

The first items you see hanging in my wardrobe are my work pants, which are hung with black at the front, followed by brown, blue, and then tan using these hangers. You can see this set up in the main image above.

Cardigans and jackets
Behind my work pants are my work cardigans and jackets. All cardigans are hung next to each other, followed by jackets in order of dark to light using these hangers from Costco.

Occasion jackets
Next up are any jackets I wear to special occasions, which are all black and short sleeved.

Behind my occasion jackets I hang my shorts, dark colours first, followed by light colours.

Skirts are next. I only have long skirts at the moment, all dark in colour.

The last item hanging in my wardrobe are my dresses grouped by occasion then casual.

Here’s what gets folded and stored on the shelf above the hanging section.

Casual pants
Folded in one pile above my work pants are all non-work pants including jeans and leggings, with dark colours on the bottom, and light colours on the top.

Cardigans and jumpers
Next are three piles of cardigans and jumpers. One pile has all non-work long cardigans, another pile has non work jumpers, and the last pile has jumpers I can wear to work. Each pile is sorted from dark colours on the bottom, to light colours on the top.

This is the last pile, which lies above my dresses. Each scarf is folded and stored by dark colours on the bottom, light colours on the top.

On my shoe rack are heels and flats, with dark shoes closest to the door, light shoes closest to the back. Next to the shoe rack, but not on, it are my boots.

Step 5 – What about jewellery?

Necklaces are stored on my wardrobe wall using a tie holder similar to this.

Rings and long earrings are stored next to my work pants in one of these with studded earrings stored in one of these in one of my bedside drawers. Both of these are from Howard’s Storage Word.

Sot that’s it, that’s how I organise my wardrobe and drawers.

If you’re after some more organisation tips, then please visit my home organisation and cleaning Pinterest board.

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