Travel Tips

Travel tips

Here’s a few little travel tips that I’ve picked up along the way. They’re quite simple, but important all the same.

Before you leave

  • Purchase travel insurance, do an online search to find the one that best suits you
  • Save a copy of your passport photo page somewhere you can easily access. I’ve saved mine in a travel folder in my Yahoo email account
  • Call your bank and tell them you’re going overseas. They’ll put an alert on any accounts attached to the cards you’ll use. If you don’t do this the bank may think your overseas transactions are an act of fraud, and they may stop your transactions from happening
  • Turn your mobile phone’s cellular data, data roaming, phone notifications, and voicemail off to avoid massive charges, and always use free WIFI where available
  • Always carry a form of photo ID. This is important in countries like the USA where they ask to see photo ID when you use your credit card


  • Pack an empty bag, this will become your carry to hold all the goodies you’ll be taking back home
  • I usually don’t pack what I know the hotel supplies e.g. shampoo
  • Take good walking shoes. I always struggle with this as can never find anything that’s fashionable and doesn’t scream I’m a tourist
  • Take a jacket if it’s going to be cold where you’re going
  • Panadol and bandaids always come in handy
  • I always take plastic bags for my dirty clothes
  • Remember your sunglasses
  • Get a TSA lock for your suitcase, this is the only lock that won’t be broken if your bag is randomly searched once you’ve checked it in

Hotel choice

  • Try to stay near a train station, as trains will become your best friend when visiting multiple attractions
  • Work out the best way to get to your hotel from the airport before you leave. I’m a fan of shuttle buses as they take away the stress of trying to find your hotel when you first land, and have no orientation of where you are

Avoiding jetlag

  • Change your watch to your destination’s time as soon as you get on the plane
  • During the flight stay awake if your destination is awake, or sleep if your destination is sleeping

Whilst overseas

  • If you lose your passport report it to the police and nearest embassy, consulate, or home government immediately, and ask for immediate temporary traveling papers that will permit you to reenter your home country

When you get back

  • Turn your mobile phone’s cellular data, data roaming, phone notifications, and voicemail back on.
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