My top 5 favourite moments of 2017

My top 5 favourite moments of 2017

Lately I’ve been feeling very, very blah. And by blah I mean irritated, annoyed, and generally sad.

I think I’ve been feeling like this because the emphasis on this time of year is to spend time with those you love, and the majority of those that I love are in Australia.

In order to get over these feelings and appreciate the good in this year, I’ve decided to take a look at my top 5 favourite moments of 2017.

1. Watching Ryan grow

I’m very lucky to have a healthy, happy little boy (I hope this never changes!) This year has seen Ryan grow from a five month old baby who hadn’t started eating solids, to a 16 month old cheeky, adventurous, eating machine little human, who is the love of my life. I’m very lucky that I’m able to spend as much time with him as I do, and I’m excited to share with you our adventures in 2018.

2. Mel saying yes to the UK

There’s no way that I could have moved to the UK if Mel didn’t say she’d join me. Having her here was the biggest help I could have received in adjusting to this new life.

3. Checking out Amsterdam

Still on the topic of Mel, we got to spend some sister time in Amsterdam in March (well, sister and Aunty time as Ryan joined us). I’ll be doing a post about Amsterdam soon, but the highlights of this place were chips, chips, more chips, and windmills.

4. Living in Windsor

I was extremely lucky to live in Windsor for the majority of the year. Its shopping packed town centre was a massive drawcard. I also made a really close friend there, and I’m hoping that we, and our sons, will be friends for life.

5. Blogging – properly this time

Moving away from friends has given me a lot of spare time; time that I’ve decided would be best spent re-energising this blog. This year I realised that I needed to do something just for me, something apart from motherly duties. So, I’ve redesigned the blog a bit and will focus on four categories, which are life, parenting, organisation, and travel.

I still can’t believe that another year is nearly over, and what a year it’s been!

I hope I’m in a better headspace in 2018. Usually by now I would have set one little word to drive my intention for the year ahead, but I haven’t yet. (If you’d like to learn more about this then please visit here, here, here, or even here).

I’m still undecided on whether to set goals for 2018 or take it as it comes, so stay tuned for this one.

I’d love to hear about your favourite moments of 2017, and if you have any ideas on how to be more positive about the year ahead please let me know.

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How to be more decisive

Love from Lisa how to be more decisive

Image: Unsplash

Just like the image above, many times I have one thing in front of me, but I want something else.

I’m the worst at making decisions. I go over and over them in my head, and annoy the heck out of my sister constantly asking her what I should do.

This applies to anything from what to eat, what to buy, and how to spend my time.

Being more decisive is a big goal of mine this year. The best way I can think of to help me make decisions better is to list things to think about whenever a decision making opportunity arises.

So, here goes:

Make a pros and cons list
Writing what the results of a decision may be could help minimise post decision making anxiety. Making a list like this means that you’ve thought about all elements of a certain decision, and you really can’t do more than that.

Go with your gut
I preach this constantly, but really need to practice it. I think you should always go with your gut on anything, as sometimes you know the best way to go, even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it.

Set deadlines
I’ve never done this but I’m definitely going to start. Giving decisions a deadline means that the decision has a time limit and you can’t spend too much time going back and forth, which is my biggest problem.

Visualise the outcome
Visualising the outcome of a decision is a great way to think about the long term effects of your choice, and not just the short term. I’m going to give this a go as well.

Once your decision is made, get over it
I constantly tell myself this. In reality, once a decision’s been made you can’t do anything about it so stop thinking about it. Stop going over the what ifs, it’s too late! It’s hard to do this, but practice makes perfect.

This is a great start. I’m definitely going to use these to help me stop my decision deliberation!

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How to stay sane on a long commute

Love from Lisa How to stay sane on a long commute

Image Unsplash

I have a really long commute to work, most of it stuck in traffic, which is driving me crazy! This has given me a lot of time to think about what I can do to keep sane during this time.

Here are some ideas that I’ve come up with, which work whether your long commute is driven, or taken in public transport:

Grab a cool flask and fill it with coffee, or your favourite beverage, and sip as you commute. This has now become my favourite thing to do. I’m even going to do this on non work commutes!

Go through your music
Do you have heaps of albums, many of which you don’t even listen to anymore? This is a great time to listen to every album you have day by day and delete songs you no longer like, making room for music that you actually do.

Catch up with friends and family
Use this time to call friends and family to see what’s been going on. Make sure you use hands free or Bluetooth to do this.

Refresh and relax
If you catch public transport the options to refresh and relax are endless. Read the paper, your favourite magazine, or book with a cup of coffee, watch your favourite shows on your tablet, listen to music, or catch up on emails. If you drive then listen to your favourite music, or listen to a radio station dedicated to news stories only.

Try new audio options
I’ve never gotten into podcasts or audio books, but I’m thinking that this is a great opportunity to do so. Trying new things is a great way to keep entertained for a long period of time.

Have a fantastic breakfast
Leave home earlier and stop somewhere for breakfast and read the paper. You can even arrange to meet a friend for breakfast as a fun way to start the day.

Get organised
Write a plan for what you want to do when you get home, making sure that you dedicate time for something that you enjoy, for me that’s catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re driving, make sure you do this when stationary.

Set some goals
Take this time to think about how you’re going with your goals, or set new ones.

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How to climb out of a slump

Love from Lisa how to climb out of a slump

Image: Unsplash

Sometimes I’m just not feeling it. I loose motivation to do anything, see anyone, and start to wonder what I’m doing with my life. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like this, as it’s not possible for life to always be rosy.

Last year I made a list of things to do when I start feeling like this, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Here’s my list:

  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, or continue with the one you’re currently reading
  • Go outside and get some fresh air. Take your favourite drink, something sweet, and something to read
  • Bake or cook something. If you need some ideas click here
  • Do some form of exercise that you enjoy. Sometimes I work out my problems just by having some time to myself to go through them in my head
  • Something that I need to do more often is eat healthier. When I eat healthy foods I feel so much better
  • Go out for coffee and cake and some newspaper reading
  • Clean out the fridge and cupboard. I just did this. It occupied me for a couple of hours and focused my thoughts on the task at hand. I also made a list of everything I have so I can start to use them in future meals
  • Remember that you’re just having a bad day, your entire life isn’t bad
  • Have a bath
  • Go for a drive somewhere you haven’t been before, or revisit one of your favourite places. I’ve been itching to go to the hot springs for ages, so I’m going to book this in over the next couple of weeks
  • Go to the movies
  • Get out in the garden and plant something
  • Plan your next trip
  • Look at doing a short course. I’ve booked myself into a two day Photoshop course in March mainly for job application purposes, but I’m actually quite excited to get my brain into something new.

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In the mood for a great 2015

2015 mood board

2014 has been a mixed year for me. Some things were good, some were bad.

So in the spirit of leaving the bad behind and focusing on the year ahead, I’ve put together a little mood board for 2015. From left to right, top to bottom, I’m hoping 2015 will bring…

  • More reading – less chick lit and more looking into other genres
  • More planning – I bought my first Filofax this year and am planning to plan big time
  • More dessert eating – I love desserts, yep this needs to happen
  • More travel – overseas and locally. Maybe I can be a tourist in my own hometown
  • More baking – my edible experiments posts need some inspiration for 2015
  • More coffee – maybe I will get adventurous and try different flavours. Chili chocolate coffee?
  • More blogging and writing – I can’t wait to think up some interesting posts for you all
  • More pinning – I’m obsessed with Pinterest and can’t wait to explore more


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#100Happy Days – final thoughts 2 months on

Love from Lisa #100HappyDays final thoughts 2 months on

Image: Unsplash

On the 3rd of August I finished the #100HappyDays challenge.

The challenge requires you to submit a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days on Facebook Twitter, or Instagram. The challenge’s ultimate goal is to make you appreciate the better moments of your life, which will assist in creating longer term happiness.

For me this challenge had the opposite result, where posting on Facebook every day for 100 days about something that made me happy resulted in feeling increasingly unhappy.

Days 1 – 30 I found fun and was excited to do this challenge and have something to post on Facebook each day.

Days 31 – 60 weren’t as fun. When looking back at my first 60 days it looked like all that was making me happy was eating chocolate and drinking tea. It made me think that if that’s all that was making me happy then maybe I had to improve my life. In effect this made me unhappy and unsatisfied.

Days 61 – 90 felt more like #100RoutineDays instead of #100HappyDays. I was posting the same sorts of things all the time just for the sake of completing the challenge. During these days I felt mostly unhappy and frustrated and tried to grasp at anything I could to be happy for a moment. There wasn’t anything in particular that made me feel like this, I wasn’t having a hard time in life. I was finding that the repetitive wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed repetition of life wasn’t a life that would produce elements of happiness each day. How can you be happy when you do the same things over and over? It was like I was forcing myself to paint my life a certain way and it wasn’t happening.

By days 91-100 I wasn’t really sure about the challenge’s relevance and felt no improvement on my overall happiness levels, let alone working towards creating longer term happiness. I felt nothing different and certainly no happier.

So two months on how do I feel? Reflecting back on this challenge I feel that it was a waste of time for me. All I can remember was everyday trying to think about what I could post that day as my happy moment that wasn’t a repeat of anything I had posted previously.

I also felt like I was irritating my Facebook friends by showing them a life that was all roses, which in reality we all know isn’t possible.

Life as we know it isn’t all beer and skittles – no matter what one puts online, and this challenge made out like it was. So when I tried each day to post something that made me happy and I couldn’t think of anything I stared to think that my life was boring and that I wasn’t entirely happy, which isn’t the case.

By highlighting just the happy moments every day for 100 days I wasn’t being true to myself, I was forcing myself to feel things that I wasn’t. I was searching for something I didn’t always feel, and then thinking my life was crappy when I couldn’t think of anything that made me happy that day.

Looking back at my entries, the top things that made me happy during the challenge were:

  • Eating 31%
  • Shopping 12%
  • Muffin time 10%
  • Sister time 8%
  • Gardening 7%

To me these things aren’t anything earth shattering or soul searching, just little things I wanted to post about that weren’t too showoffy, or fitted the challenge well.

Happiness isn’t the number one goal of life. It doesn’t determine how successful or how great your life is. Life is much more complicated than that, and as a society we place way too much emphasis on being happy.

This is the first and last challenge that I will ever do. Life is a series of emotions, events, relationships, and internal and external factors that influence how happy, sad, successful, grateful, and any other multitude of emotions that make up who you are and how you feel about your life.

There is not one thing that will make our life great, life is about the good and bad and appreciating what you’ve got, how you feel, and how you deal with things.

Two months on I’m sometimes happy, sometimes sad, at the moment a little heavier than I’d like, and about to travel to Japan. So yes, I’m happy when I think of Japan, a little frustrated that my clothes don’t fit like they did at the start of the year, grateful that I’m healthy, and looking forward to what the rest of the year brings. I don’t have one emotion that dictates the course of my life.

Life is about living, making the most of what you can, and enjoying your time whilst you have it.

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


#100HappyDays days 1-30

#100HappyDays Days 31 – 60

#100HappyDays Days 61 – 90

#100HappyDays Days 91 – 100


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What will my story be?

What will my story be?
Image: Unsplash

On my recent trip to Sydney I overheard a conversation between a woman and a couple. The woman was telling the couple about the life that she had lived. And boy what a life it was.

Her life was full of amazing stories including skiing in Europe, working for the UN, travelling to exotic places with her husband due to working for Qantas for 30 years, having her passport threatened to be taken off her in one of the exotic places, the fashion trends she followed, and even the restaurants she ate at. It wasn’t even a long bus trip so who knows what other stories she could have told.

When the woman exited the bus to continue her amazing life story the couple talked amongst themselves. I don’t know if they were trying to comprehend what just happened, but I started to think about her stories and realised that there is no way my life will ever be, and has yet to be anything like that.

What stories could I tell strangers on the bus? Umm so far they would be that I was practically a straight A student in high school and was so busy studying I didn’t party and get drunk like everyone else. I went to a Uni I didn’t like and the most adventurous thing I did was stop my accounting degree to do human resources. I didn’t even know what human resources was, I just did it because my best friend at the time was doing it. I then started working full time and at 25 went back to Uni to do a Masters of Marketing. I then worked in marketing before recently becoming redundant and then….

I say and then…. because right now my story has come to the end of the book with no deal for a sequel.

I’m not unhappy with the story of my life so far. I’ve been blessed with good health which has allowed me to travel overseas every year, sometimes multiple times. I have a great boyfriend, sister, and friends. But that’s it, I don’t have any exciting stories, no kids to brag about, no ring to show, no ski injuries (I have a sports injury scar but definitely not one I want to bring out to show and tell).

At this stage I have no stories that I can tell strangers on the bus. Is it too late to have a great story? Are my best story telling years behind me? Has my story yet to be written? Will I have to make a story up? I don’t know, all I know is that I’m not a great story teller so won’t be able to fabricate one. I guess this means that my story still needs to be written?


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#100HappyDays. Days 91 – 100

So I completed my first social media challenge ever the #100HappyDays challenge. In fact this is the first challenge I think I’ve ever participated in.

I’m not really sure on the relevance, or improvement that this has had on my life.  I will think about it some more and write a follow up post, but here’s the last 10 days:

#100HappyDays Days 91-100

Day 91 Friday 25.07.14
Sorry Disneyland but The Finders Keepers Market is the happiest place on earth. I love this market everything is so gorgeous! Expect more on this market soon.

Day 92 Saturday 26.07.14
Spending the weekend in Gosford NSW for my boyfriend’s Niece’s 2nd birthday and enjoying some downtime.

Day 93 Sunday 27.07.14
Enjoying the serenity and warmth! Such a gorgeous location and the weather, dare I say it, shines all over Melbourne.

Day 94 Monday 28.07.14
I’ve eaten way too much as usual this weekend, way too much sugar in the form of birthday cake.  Should eat fruit like these gorgeous creatures.

Day 95 Tuesday 29.07.14
Painted nails I love them and need to do them more often.

Day 96 Wednesday 30.07.14
I love my new addition to the family. Low maintenance plants are the best.

Day 97 Thursday 31.07.14
Just chilling with Milka as usual watching the Bachelor and am so damn happy it’s Friday tomorrow.

Day 98 Friday 01.08.14
With a belly full of food it’s time to hit the couch.  I can’t believe it’s already August and am happy I’ve nearly made it through this challenge.

Day 99 Saturday 02.08.14
This is my last sister weekend for a long time as my sister is deserting me to study overseas.  A day of tattoos, Nandos, brownies and ice cream. Tomorrow it’s the market, shopping, and Maha. I’m very happy but also sad.

Day 100 Sunday 03.08.14
Finally I get to announce my happiest moment of all, I’ve finally launched a blog!

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


#100HappyDays days 1-30

#100HappyDays Days 61 – 90

#100HappyDays final thoughts 2 months on


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#100HappyDays. Days 61 – 90

So my #100HappyDays challenge is heading towards the pointy end.

For this section the challenge was more #100RoutineDays instead of #100HappyDays, and ironically I really didn’t feel happy during this section.  In fact, a lot of the time I felt frustrated and tried to grasp anything I could to be happy for a moment.  It wasn’t the challenge that was making me feel frustrated, it was just my days in general.  I don’t know what it was that made me feel off maybe it was because I’ve been lacking motivation lately so haven’t been releasing my happy endorphins much, or my sister’s impending departure? Not sure, anyhow here’s how days 61 – 90 went:

#100HappyDays Days 61-70

Day 61 Wednesday 25.06.14
Today I started playing around with a great photo editing and design tool called PicMonkey. I highly recommend it and expect a lot of my time going forward will be spent on this site.

Day 62 Thursday 26.06.14
Currently waiting for my takeaway goodness to come home.  I always look forward to fast food Fridays.  I’m thinking pizza is definitely on the menu tonight.

Day 63 Friday 27.06.14
Tonight I had a great night with my old work colleagues. It made me realise how much I miss laughter and good stories with work colleagues, which is actually kind of sad.

Day 64 Saturday 28.06.14
Today is sister day, a whole day dedicated to my sister eating, shopping, relaxing, and movies, what we do best.

Day 65 Sunday 29.06.14
I finally have a clean cooktop! It’s not as clean as I’d like it to be but it will do for now.

Day 66 Monday 30.06.14
Just looking through old photos and found this goodie, a double bodied camel.  It made me laugh.

Day 67 Tuesday 01.07.14
Today I took a little visit to another of my food happy places Thomas Dux.  This place is amazing.

Day 68 Wednesday 02.07.14
Today I’m going to make some notes in my new cute little book, if this can’t inspire ideas then nothing will.

Day 69 Thursday 03.07.14
I got invited to an unexpected work meeting today which meant I got to leave early and sneak in the grocery shopping a day earlier. Now I can avoid the Friday grocery shopping madness!

Day 70 Friday 04.07.14
So something that has been part of previous happy days – my ducted heating has suddenly stopped working. Why oh why!!! Even Muffin was so cold she was sitting on it this morning waiting for it to heat up her bum. I also left my lunch at home as I wanted to get out of the igloo quickly.  The only happy I feel will happen today is my free coffee oh and it’s Friday yay!!

#100HappyDays Days 71-80

Day 71 Saturday 05.07.14
Tonight we’re going all fancy pants, a semi healthy snack for once.

Day 72 Sunday 06.07.14
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me happy, like a car that’s finally been cleaned.

Day 73 Monday 07.07.14
After four years of owing tax I finally got a refund. I still owe a crap load of HECS (thanks Masters degree) but maybe I can buy some boots to celebrate/commensurate?

Day 74 Tuesday 08.07.14
I’ve started to think about getting shoes that will handle all the walking I’ll do when I hit the streets of Japan.  I think these will do nicely!

Day 75 Wednesday 09.07.14
I’m glad my boyfriend salvaged my apple pies from the bin where I put them to stop from overeating them.  Warm apple pie with icecream is one of the best ways to warm up on a cold night. I know this is kind of gross, salvaging food from the bin, but they were totally clean.

Day 76 Thursday 10.07.14
Just catching up with my boyfriend’s cousin and his wife from Canberra at one of my absolute favourite restaurants Borsch, Vodka, and Tears and having a naughty end of week drink.

Day 77 Friday 11.07.14
Today has not been a good day as I’ve been feeling really agitated and annoyed for no particular reason. The best happy I can muster is prawn crackers. I love them.

Day 78 Saturday 12.07.14
Paying up to 80¢ extra for soy at cafés is highly frustrating. Luckily Muffin Break is the only place I know that charges nothing for soy, and the coffee is great too.

Day 79 Sunday 13.07.14
I bought some walking shoes for Japan today. Not my first choice but I’m still happy with them.

Day 80 Monday 14.07.14
I was just in the middle of writing about my giant cookie happiness when I got the call to say my ducted heating’s getting replaced tomorrow morning. I don’t ever think I’ll be more happy during a work day then I am now, and even happy to spend my tax return on something aside from food.

#100HappyDays Days 81-90


Day 81 Tuesday 15.07.14
It’s all happening today, the ducted heater’s getting installed and my first shoe online purchase arrived yay!

Day 82 Wednesday 16.07.14
Tonight I’m seeing an early screening of Sex Tape with my sister as a mid week date.  I bypassed the free large popcorn I would have got from booking online as I’d have to eat it myself.  Possible but naughty.

Day 83 Thursday 17.07.14
I love sleep it makes me so happy, so tonight I’m turning in early.  I’ve already pre-heated the bed at the maximum electric blanket setting. Sweet dreams.

Day 84 Friday 18.07.14
Muffin here taking over mum’s #100HappyDays challenge. I’m super happy she works to pay for my food and heating. Warming my butt up as I lick my lips from the food my mum also works to buy me is the best life ever.

Day 85 Saturday 19.07.14
Today I’ve felt super sluggish, hoping a late night dig will make me feel better.

Day 86 Sunday 20.07.14
Finally after having her for three months I’ve finally used Madeleine! Made some jam fancies. Yep my Kitchenaid has a name.

Day 87 Monday 21.07.14
Lollies I love them!! The ultimate in happy moments. I’ve tried to ban them from my life, but let’s get real, that’s NEVER gonna happen.

Day 88 Tuesday 22.07.14
This is a quote I live by as the two things I live for and that make me the happiest are food and travel. I’ve been overseas every year since 1999 with no plans to stop anytime soon.

Day 89 Wednesday 23.07.14
I’m happy the Bachelors back even though it’s super corny and very cringe worthy I still love it.

Day 90 Thursday 24.07.14
Yep it’s food again, I’ve just discovered salt and vinegar popcorn. So good!

All that’s left now is the last 10 days, I can’t believe I’ve nearly made it.  Lets see how it all ends….

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


#100HappyDays days 1 – 30

#100HappyDays Days 31 – 60

#100HappyDays Days 91 – 100

#100HappyDays final thoughts 2 months on


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#100HappyDays. Days 31 – 60

So my #100HappyDays quest continues.   I’m not sure how I feel about this challenge just yet.

Days 31 – 60 were not as easy as the first 30 days as I’m finding it harder and harder to find different things each day that make me happy. I know the goal of this challenge isn’t to find something different to be happy about every day, but I can’t really make eating chocolate and drinking tea my happy for every work day.  If that’s all that I’m happy about every day then I really need to evaluate my life.

So here’s what happened during the second portion of my #100HappyDays challenge.

#100HappyDays Days 31 - 40

Day 31 Monday 26.05.14
I finally got to use a homegrown lemon in my dinner tonight.  After much TLC lemon tree number one (which was a lemon) didn’t want to produce lemons so it went bye bye. Lemon tree number two was bought with lemons already on it.  Its lemons smell beautiful and squeezed really easily. Lemons definitely look and taste better when they’re home grown.

Day 32 Tuesday 27.05.14
I now have 1.5 hours of mummy and Muffin time, which means watching TV and eating this beautiful Zest of Lime Lindt chocolate which I HIGHLY recommend.

Day 33 Wednesday 28.05.14
I finally took the plunge and hired a cleaner to clean my floors and bathrooms – my least favourite chores.  Now I have more time to eat chocolate!

Day 34 Thursday 29.05.14
I finished reading The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body by Cameron Diaz.  It was really easy to read and I really enjoyed it.  It has simple advice on how to treat your body properly.

Day 35 Friday 30.05.14
Today I had a very full day both in time and stomach at the Food and Wine show. I ate way too much but it was so much fun!

Day 36 Saturday 31.05.14
Had a great day shopping picking up some goodies for the house.

Day 37 Sunday 01.06.14
Today I broadened my horizons and saw Nitro Circus, which I gave my boyfriend as a gift for our five year anniversary. This is something that I’m not at all in to but I must admit I was super impressed by the craziness of the flipping and turning on all sorts of machinery and bikes.

Day 38 Monday 02.06.14
There’s nothing like coming home to a heated house. Muffin loves it too as she has her bath while warming up.

Day 39 Tuesday 03.06.14
Today Muffin and I came home to a clean and great smelling home. The shower and spa are the cleanest I’ve ever ever seen them, even Muffin agrees. I feel lazy but great and couldn’t recommend a cleaner more.

Day 40 Wednesday 04.06.14
It took way longer than anticipated but today I got hosting and started the process of setting up this blog, just one small step into one of the big goals I have for this year as part of my one little word of 2014 – create.

#100HappyDays Days 41 - 50

Day 41 Thursday 05.06.14
My sister and I are total Nandos nuts, crazy for it’s goodness and of course CHIPPIES!!

Day 42 Friday 06.06.14
I feel like I haven’t bought anything for ages, so indulged in a little retail therapy today.

Day 43 Saturday 07.06.14
I can’t believe that all the main areas of my garden are now finally done! The different coloured mulch that got delivered today (which I was super angry about) was managed to be spread out so it blended with the old mulch.  Now if someone could please discipline my screaming cat and remove the mountains of dirt I now have it would be a great day.

Day 44 Sunday 08.06.14
I just had a shoulder massage at a place where the masseurs normally talk to each other so you can’t relax. Today they were all quiet.

Day 45 Monday 09.06.14
I love it when a public holiday falls on a Monday and you get a super long weekend. These are especially great when you start to make plans with your little sister who’s only around for a little longer (she’s going away to USA to study and I will not survive her absence). To make these plans I’ve started diarising them old school.

Day 46 Tuesday 10.06.14
Today I’m being one of those annoying people who are at the shops before they open so I thought I’d stop for a coffee. Lucky me I was up to a free one on my loyalty card yay!

Day 47 Wednesday 11.06.14
Hmmm today’s a hard one as it’s after work hours and I’m at a work cooking session which is a total waste of my time.  The only happy part is I will soon get to go home – after eating some of the glorious food of course.

Day 48 Thursday 12.06.14
I’ve been playing around with the vases in my kitchen for awhile not quite sure what to fill them with. Recently I bought blue, pink, and yellow stones to go in them which I had to hand pick to find the best ones in each packet.  I’ve now decided that I don’t like the stones so have bought cupcake holders which I finished picking today. So let’s see the result…

Day 49 Friday 13.06.14
I’ve been really getting into blogs lately and have found some great ones! It’s definitely an activity to do when you want some time out.

Day 50 Saturday 14.06.14
Wow the half way mark. Today I had a really bad dentist visit which has resulted in me deciding to finally find a new one.  My car radio is also playing up, and my boyfriend won’t stop aggravating me about Muffin’s screaming.  The light at the end of the tunnel was having dinner with a good friend.  It was fun, relaxing, and I got to eat dessert!

#100HappyDays Days 51 - 60

Day 51 Sunday 15.06.14
Today was a great day. I caught up with my sister for a massage in the morning, then had lunch with my boyfriend at a place that looked small at the front but opened up to a huge cafe with a waterfall.  I also finally filled up my kitchen vases, and am now about to have Mummy and Muffin time.

Day 52 Monday 16.06.14
Tea and chocolate time a very prominent feature of this challenge but one of my most frequented happy moments.

Day 53 Tuesday 17.06.14
Today I finally organised one of the kitchen cupboards that has been annoying me for some time.

Day 54 Wednesday 18.06.14
I did something really really bad to Muffin today, which involved throwing her off my lap so she landed on the floor on her side.  I feel awful and from now on will never stop her from going on my lap when she wants to. At least she’s happy now.

Day 55 Thursday 19.06.14
I find it super hard to get pants to fit me which is why I’m extra happy that I found some super comfy and cheap (only $40) pants from Uniqlo – they have an elastic waist band, does that make me an old person?

Day 56 Friday 20.06.14
I absolutely love these pendant lights at a restaurant that has amazing cakes.  I  really want to ask them where they got them from.

Day 57 Saturday 21.06.14
Today is not the most ideal weather to be doing this, but I am having a quiet stroll around a nursery for some garden inspiration before meeting my parents for lunch.  There’s nothing better to soothe a bad mood then looking at gorgeous garden ideas.

Day 58 Sunday 22.06.14
What a long productive computer filled day. Today my neighbour invited me over for coffee which was weird because a neighbour has never done that before. It was good to go and be social and meet some other neighbours as well.

Day 59 Monday 23.06.14
There’s almost nothing better than hearing the rain outside while the heaters running and Milkazoid and I can catch up on social media.

Day 60 Tuesday 24.06.14
I don’t know if it was the bacon or chicken skin but Muffin left me alone while I was cooking dinner and now it appears she’s put herself to bed. This makes me very happy as I can do some computer work.  I’m hoping I’ve found the magic quiet cat elixir.

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


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