Sydney markets

Sydney markets

Welcome to part two of my Sydney mini trip post. Part one focussed on The Royal Botanic Gardens and The Chinese Garden of Friendship, if you’d like to read it please click here.

As you already know I love designer markets, but I also love food markets.  So with these loves in mind I had planned to see three markets on this trip.

The first market on my list was The Rocks Friday Foodie Market.

The Rocks Friday Foodie Market

The Creative Canvass Sydney markets


The Rocks Friday Foodie Market 2


The Rocks Friday Foodie Market 3


The Rocks Friday Foodie Market 4

One of my favourite things to do whilst away is eat in bed whilst watching TV, which I’d been doing for breakfast all week by eating cereal from a tin takeaway container. By the second last day I was a bit over it, so was super excited to skip my hotel DIY breakfast and eat something delicious at the foodie market. I’ve also never been to this market before so was keen to check it out.

I got there at 11am and it was super quiet – the surrounding cafés were busier. I was expecting buzz, heaps of stalls, a lot of choice, and food I could buy and take home to add to my baking and cooking attempts, but I was let down.

The food on offer consisted of bread, Gözleme, burgers, sausages, cupcakes, chocolate, and other non-breakfast appropriate meals. Although the food looked delicious, it wasn’t suitable breakfast food.

By this stage I was hungry and disappointed, so like many others around me ended up eating at a surrounding café. Now that I think about it, they were probably all disappointed too. I grabbed a plain bagel and coffee at Playfair Café. Big mistake, the service was terrible and it cost $11 – super expensive!

To kill some time I walked around and at 1pm after I saw everything I could I headed back through the market, which was busier. By this time the lunchtime crowd had come and with lunch appropriate food on offer the market had the buzz I was searching for in the morning.

I didn’t stick around though; instead I headed into the city to have lunch. I can only suggest that if you do want to check this market out get there after 1pm and be prepared to eat at one of the surrounding cafés if you’re super hungry.

Time and location
9am – 3pm, Fridays
Jack Mundey Place The Rocks

Paddington Market

The next day I headed out to Paddington Market, a market I’ve been to before but was happy to go back and see if it had changed.

Paddington Market 1

This is a really cute little market filled with stalls selling clothes, jewellery, wallets and purses, art, homewares, soap, candles, food, coffee, flowers, and heaps of other little handmade treasures. There’s even live music and a good old fashioned bake stand.

The Creative Canvass Sydney markets


The Creative Canvass Sydney markets

I love markets that sell products that you can’t find in shopping centres, and are manned by the designers, which this market does. It also has a very supportive community feel to it, which makes you feel very relaxed – there’s no pressure to buy, you can just peruse at your leisure.

This market is also very easy to navigate and doesn’t take too long to get around. It took me an hour max and is easily accessible by public transport.

A big plus is that when you’re finished looking around you can check out all the cool shops and cafés on Oxford Street, of which there are plenty.

Time and location
Every Saturday 10am
395 Oxford St, Paddington

This is a great little market that’s worth the trip. It makes for a great morning out of the city, and like me, if you finish early you can then head out to The Rocks Weekend Market to keep your market vibe alive.

The Rocks Weekend Market

The Creative Canvass Sydney markets

You can find anything you need here from souvenirs, candles, clothes, hats, bags, jewellery, art, homewares, food, and even Christmas decorations.

The Rocks Weekend Market 4

This market is fantastic. It’s spread out across Playfair Street, George Street, and Jack Mundey Place, making it quite large but still easy to get through as everything is set out in columns.

It’s in the same location as The Rocks Friday Foodie Market, both set against the Sydney Harbour Bridge providing great views and fantastic photo opportunities.

I definitely recommend this market. If you take your time you can spend a good couple of hours here, and then to satiate your hunger from all your shopping, talking, and walking you can head out to Circular Quay for lunch.

Time and location
10am – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays
Playfair Street, George Street, Jack Mundey Place The Rocks

I’d love to visit some more Sydney markets next time I’m there. Are there any great market recommendations that you’ve discovered in Sydney?

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