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Last year I decided that setting New Year’s Resolutions wasn’t working for me. So instead I decided to set one little word to guide my year, and that word was Create.

I was really happy with the outcome of doing this, so decided to do it again this year, and this year my one little word was focus.

Choosing one little word to guide your year sets the tone for how you want to live your life. The word you choose infuses itself into your life, it becomes part of who you are, and how you respond to what life throws your way.

It’s now only three months into the New Year, but already I feel like focus isn’t working for me. I don’t feel motivated by it, so I’ve decided to change it.

After redoing the exercises I did to choose focus in Martine Holston’s How To Define Your Year Workbook, I’m excited to say that my one little word for 2015 is now action.

I feel like action is a word that means no stuffing around. It’s a word I can say to myself when I need to just get up and do something. It’s about not sitting back and letting crap take over. And it’s about doing whatever I need to do to feel more productive, have more fun, appreciate what I have, and see the positives in any situation.

It’s about actively contributing to my life, and having a better outlook on it.

This is how I intend action to work for me this year:


An act that one consciously wills, and that is characterised by physical or mental activity

Exerting power or force

Something done or performed

Three goals that will enable me to integrate action into my life this year are:

1. Become more productive. I will be making daily action plans and sticking to them so I feel like I’m achieving things, instead of wasting my time. A big part of my productivity efforts this year will be directed towards growing this blog’s content.

2. Stop talking about food and exercise. This self-criticism has been going on for way too long. It not only irritates me, but also irritates those around me. To achieve this goal I will be tracking my food intake and exercise in My Fitness Pal for the entire year. Whenever I have a day where I consume too many calories I will remind myself that some days you eat more than others. I need to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that I’m fortunate that my body is healthy.

3. Have more fun. I need to take a more active approach in the time I spend with Nick and plan fun things to do. I’m the one with more time to do this. It’s not about who makes plans, it’s about spending quality time together, and enjoying the life we have.

My big, audacious goal for 2015 – become more positive and decisive.

Become more positive. Everything happens for a reason. Instead of going to the negative, I need to take a step back and think about what can be learnt from a situation to improve my life going forward.

Become more decisive. After making a decision I need to remember that it’s been made and can’t be changed. I made it for a reason. It’s time to move on, don’t think about it. Get into a different headspace and think about what else is on the action list for that day.

I already feel like action is a great way to tackle this year, and I hope it works as well for me as create did last year.

If you’d like to read about how I set create as my one little word for 2014 please click here and click here to read about how it worked out. Or click here to read about how I came across focus.

If you’d like to see the resources I used to set my one little word, as well as some inspirational quotes please visit my one little word – olw or goal setting Pinterest boards.

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