My 2018 goals and one little word

My 2018 goals and one little word

I love setting goals, however, I feel like I talk about them more than actually achieving them.

So this year I’m making a concerted effort to actually achieve the goals I’ve set for 2018.

I’m so serious about this that I purchased a copy of Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs. It’s a workbook you work through every quarter, month, week and day to break your goals up into smaller tasks, so you stay motivated to achieve them.

As well as setting goals, in the past I’ve also used one little word to set the intention for my year. This year I decided to do both, so this post is a two in one. It outlines my 2018 goals, and discusses how the one little word I’ve chosen for this year will be used to achieve them. (I told you I was serious about this!)

The goals below are a general statement on what I want to achieve this year. I’ve gone into greater detail on them, and made action plans for each in my bullet journal. I’m thinking of writing another post detailing what these action plans are. If you’d like this type of post please let me know.

My 2018 goals

Stick to a £40 budget per week, which includes online spending, and extra grocery items.

Stop focusing on the negatives, appreciate all that I have, and be someone others want to be around.

Set blog goals and yearly editorial calendar, and post in advance.

Everything in moderation.

Book monthly UK overnighters, and bi monthly overseas trips, to create long lasting memories and strong bonds.

Build a circle of friends with likeminded attitudes and similar interests.

After setting these goals I wondered if I still needed to set one little word for this year. After some thought I decided that I did.

What is one little word?
One little word is the reason why I started this blog. In fact, one of the first posts I wrote was on this very topic.

One little word is a word that drives your intention for the year. So far my words have been create, focus, and action. If you’d like to learn more you can read the first post I wrote on this topic here.

I decided to do one little word this year on our way home from Stratford upon Avon. On the drive home it just popped into my head that I need to set a word this year. I realised that I needed something extra to guide my actions towards actually achieving my goals.

How does one little word assist me in achieving my goals?
My goals are the big picture things I want to achieve this year.

My one little word is something I can say in my head everyday. It’s the word I will use to guide me towards making decisions that will assist me in achieving my goals.

This sounds a little confusing, so before I give an example to clarify this I should let you know what my one little word for 2018 is.

My one little word is…


Definition – “More desirable, satisfactory, or effective.”

It didn’t take me long to choose this word, as all my goals are aimed towards making this year a better one than the years before. For instance,

I want to be better with my spending
I want to have better moods
I want to be more appreciate of what I have
I want to think of the positives in everything
I want to be a better partner
I want to be better organised with my blog
I want to treat my body to better foods
I want my family to have better times together
I want to better my friend situation in the UK

An example of how my goals and my one little word work together is as follows:

Stop focusing on the negatives, appreciate all that I have, and be someone others want to be around.

I really want to stabilise my moods this year so I can be someone others want to be around. So, from now on, whenever I feel a bad mood brewing I’m going to stop and think “how can I act better to stop this mood from happening? What do I need to realise, or do, so I act better in this situation?”

Better will be my mantra for the year. It’s how I’ll alter my actions to ensure I’m working towards achieving my goals.

I’d love to know what one little word you’ve chosen this year, or in previous years, or what goals you’ve set for 2018.

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