March action plan a review

Love from Lisa action plan - a review

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Setting goals is something that I do quite often. However, what I don’t do very often is review how well I’m going with them.

For the past two years I’ve set yearly goals using one little word. This year my one little word is action.

One of my action goals is to become more positive. In order to achieve this I’ve started setting monthly goals, in addition to my yearly goals, using a Happiness Journal from Kikki.K.

So this means that I now have two sets of goals. One set that last the entire year, the other that last only for a month.

To make sure that I’m working on achieving my goals, I’ve decided to start this new monthly series. This series will outline my action plan / goals from the previous month, and will then detail how well I’m tracking with them.

So here goes, here’s what my action plan was for March and how I went with it.


Become more productive – make daily action plans and stick to them
I made heaps of daily action plans but didn’t stick to them. I blame this on having unlimited free time, which made me lazy as I was able to put things off until tomorrow. However, this free time has now come to an end, so hopefully next month I will have progressed better with this goal.

Stop talking about food and exercise – track these every day in My Fitness Pal
I feel like I only half accomplished this goal. I tracked my food and exercise but still complained to my sister about the days I ate too much chocolate!

Have more fun – plan things to do on Sundays
Last Sunday Nick and I went on a picnic. However, I really need to work on this more.

Be more positive – stop going to the negatives, think of the positives instead
This month I’ve tried to be more positive about all the spare time I’ve had. However, I do feel that I need to work on this more.

Be decisive – make a decision, stop thinking about it, move onto the next thing
I still need to work on this!


My monthly goals for March focussed on health.

Exercise 3 days a week

Eat 1 piece of fruit a day

Drink a full bottle of water – before breakfast, lunch, and dinner
I really wanted to accomplish this but found myself drinking more coffee than water.

Snack wisely
I created a healthy snacks and tips Pinterest board, but didn’t make better snack decisions. I need to improve this.

I feel like March wasn’t very productive in terms of working on my yearly and monthly goals. It was a lazy month. However, now that I’m writing about my goals in a public forum I feel like maybe I’ll be better at achieving them.

If you’d like to see the resources I used to set my one little word, then please visit my one little word – olw or goal setting Pinterest boards.

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