Life Lately October 2017

Life Lately October 2017

October was stressful, after living in Windsor for seven months we decided to move. We did countless car loads back and forth to our new home, it was exhausting. To top it off, Nick went away for work two days after we moved so I was left unpacking, putting furniture together, and tending to a sick baby. There were days where all I wanted to do was sleep.

Between moving from Australia to the UK, and then moving within the UK, I feel like all I’ve been doing all year is moving – it’s definitely something I don’t want to do for a long time. So here’s to not moving for some time, and here’s to Life Lately in October.

I’m addicted to microwave popcorn. I eat a whole bag every second night. It’s so good! I bought my popcorn machine over from Australia but so far haven’t found popcorn you can pop yourself. If anyone knows where I can buy it please let me know.

I finally finished Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell. It was fantastic and very different to the movie. It’s amazing how much Julie’s life changed just by doing something out of the ordinary.

I’m hooked on The Goldbergs, it’s so funny and set in the 80’s so I remember a lot of the toys and games shown in the show. I’m very basic with my TV and movie choices, I love anything that’s easy to follow. I watch this every day and love it to bits.

Furniture and containers. The previous house we lived in was furnished, and by furnished I mean everything was there. The landlord left all of his rubbish there and let his family store all their junk. It was infuriating. This time I wanted all my own furniture in the house we chose, which means we’ve had to buy everything from scratch and put it together! Storage is also limited so I have to find clever ways to make a lot of use out of little space.

This month Nick and I went to Winchester and had lunch at a little pub tucked away behind the High Street. It’s a gorgeous spot with castle ruins, cathedrals and a bustling town centre.

Like something is missing. Moving from Australia to the UK has been harder then I thought. I miss talking to my friends about their lives and not just about kids. I think I need to start doing things for me, which includes meeting people where I just don’t talk about kids. Maybe a book club?

That Halloween is a thing here. One of our neighbours has put spider webs and do not cross signs in front of their home. I’ve bought lollies for trick or treaters, which I’m hoping come to our door. I always bought lollies in Australia but only had two kids come last year, and never any the years before.

That all furniture and unpacking is done soon so I can dedicate proper time to this blog.

Blog post content as I want to blog way more regularly than I currently do, and mix my content up so all categories are covered. I’ve been doing some content planning in my bullet journal, which is something I’ve really gotten in to lately. You can read about my bullet journaling new found love here, it’s been helping me plan my days in a way that I’ve never planned them before.

I’ve been a bit slack on Pinterest lately. I’ve pinned a few recipes here and there, but need to get back into this.

Ryan has had a nasty cold and cough so has been a little clingy. This month has been about hugs, TV time, and getting him settled in the new home, which he loves. The fact that it’s carpeted and has lots of natural light makes him crawl around everywhere excitedly.

Well that was October, full of moving, stress, but also baby cuddles. At this point November is quiet, but with the lead up to Christmas who knows!

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