Life Lately May 2017

Love from Lisa Life Lately May 2017

Where has this year gone? It’s nearly the middle of the year!

May was hectic in this household, with overseas trips, international visitors, and Ryan teething. I felt like it was all happening at once.

Here’s an update on life in May.

Cakes! In March I moved from Australia to the UK and now live within walking distance to many cake shops. It’s a habit I need to cut down on.

This month I read Lion and Big Little Lies and loved every page of them. Lion is the incredible story of how Saroo was adopted by Australian parents after becoming lost on the railway in India as a five year old. It details how he found his birth home by using online maps. Big Little Lies tells the stories of three women and how their lives intertwine before witnessing a death at their children’s kindergarten trivia night.

The Middle and Life in Pieces. I’m fully up to date on both of these. I love The Middle, and now that the kids are older the stories are really touching. I have mixed feelings about Life in Pieces. It’s so stupid yet sometimes so funny. I’m not sure if I want to watch the next season of this one.

A lot of my cookware is in Australia so I’ve had to buy duplicates. I’ve also bought some much-needed t-shirts. I am however trying to spend less, as my credit card bill since I’ve been to the UK has been out of control.

My poor Nick was only allowed to stay with us for one week before having to return to Australia to sort out his visa. So after 5 weeks of Nick being away Ryan and I went to the States for a family reunion. We then went to Dublin.

Mixed feelings. I miss my friends in Australia. Facebook makes this harder when you see occasions you’re missing, or when you get messages asking how you’re going.

Blogging. I had a massive break but am happy to start to do something for me.

That Nick’s visa will be sorted soon because we miss him!

Days out for my parents visit next month. They’re really excited to see R. He’s changed a lot since we left Australia.

Food ideas for R, he eats everything so I need to keep the variety up.

R is an easy going bubba, but this month was challenging with his bottom tooth coming through. Although it still wasn’t as hard as some other mum’s I’ve spoken to whose babies are teething. I hope he continues to be the cheerful bub he is whilst his teeth are coming through.

Well that’s May, busy but good. June is going to be crazy with my parents here, which means lots of big days out, which also means June is going to fly by!

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