Life Lately July 2017

Life Update - July 2017

Firstly a massive thank you for being patient whilst Love from Lisa was offline, for nearly a month!

I deleted an email account where my domain renewals were going so my domain ended up in redemption, which means either I pay a massive fee to renew it, or wait out the time it takes for the domain to become available again. I did the latter.

So lesson learnt, never delete an email account again!

July was quiet as Ryan and I were predominantly housebound, so we got to enjoy Melbourne whilst we’re here – despite the cold, cold weather!

Here’s an update on life in July.

Nick was away for half of the month so dinners consisted of leftovers, and lunches weren’t much more imaginative with lots of noodles and tuna.

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I’m a bit behind everyone else who has already read this, but I love anything to do with organising, so this book is a winner so far.

The last few weeks of MasterChef, which was great. Catching it at the last few weeks meant I didn’t get over the five day a week commitment.

August is when everyone’s birthdays begin so I’ve been buying lots of birthday presents.

Friends as I’m trying to fit in as many as possible before I head back to the UK.

Like my life’s in limbo as all I’ve been doing is waiting around for things. First it was waiting in Windsor from March to June for Nick to come back and for his and my parents to come and go. Now I’m waiting in Australia to go back to Windsor as Nick finally got his visa. I just feel like I need to move on in life. Get Ryan into nursery and baby classes, and me into a new job.

Being back in my house. I forgot how light and girly it is compared to the Windsor terrace. It’s also good to be back with Nick. Ryan was in desperate need of daddy time.

That Ryan behaved himself on the flight from the UK as we were travelling solo, and he did. He was a champion. In fact, the flight was a breeze compared to his jetlag, which lasted for over a week. I felt like I had a newborn again!

A weekend away with Nick when we’re back in the UK as Mel has offered to babysit. I haven’t had a baby free night in nearly a year.

I’ve been adding pins to my Baby and Toddler Food Ideas (BLW) board. I deleted my Filofax Love board and added its contents to my renamed Organisation, Filofax, Bullet Journaling board. To view my Pinterest boards please click here.

Ryan has developed quite the personality. He’s very vocal, giggles uncontrollably, and can now sit from being on his stomach. It’s the best age ever. But his teething caused some bad nights this month, all of which happened whilst Nick was away!

Well that was July, filled with bits and pieces of not much, which was much needed after a hectic past few months.

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