How to declutter and organise your fridge

Love from Lisa how to declutter and organise your fridge


For as long as I can remember, all I felt when I opened my fridge door was annoyed and frustrated, when really I should have felt happy as I reached into it to grab some chocolate.

I’m a total neat, declutter, and organisation freak, and I’m not afraid to admit it. In fact, I have done so many times on this very blog.

From neatening up my garden, to decluttering my mind, and even to organising how I schedule my time, decluttering and organising take up a large portion of my thinking time.

No area is immune to it, even my poor fridge, which recently had a declutter and organisation facelift. The results of which I will now share with you so you can reach the same level of fridge love that I now have.

First things first, here are the before and afters:

The Creative Canvass How to declutter and organise your fridge



This was the highest shelf so it always held milk and beer, as well as items that were used daily like cat food, margarine, or spreads.


In order to remove my fridge’s visual clutter I decided to use baskets to group similar food items together. The best baskets that I could find to allow me to do this were from Howard’s Storage World.

This shelf now holds chocolate, round fruit, and a basket with lunch items like margarine, cold meats, rolls, and baby spinach.



This shelf wasn’t very high so all that could fit here were bags of vegetables, and any food items that could fit in small containers. It was a random mixture of everything and anything.


I moved this shelf down one slot making it taller. This now means that the shelf can hold another basket, the same size as the one directly above it. Both baskets hold lunch items.

The other items on this shelf are dedicated to salad ingredients and fruit.

One of the green glass containers (also from Howard’s Storage World) always has shredded cheese in it, the other one always has fruit. There’s also a container for cut vegetables, which I intend to use during the week.

I have also moved eggs onto this shelf. I previously had them on the door, or on the very bottom shelf, but read that the temperature on the fridge door varies, so it’s not suitable to place your eggs or milk there.



Being similar in height as the shelf above it, this shelf also held a random selection of leftovers, baked goods, and anything that would fit. It wasn’t organised at all.


This shelf was removed providing more space for the shelf above it, and giving me plenty of room to play with below.



There was a wine rack here, which normally just held soft drink and any food items that would fit like packets of smoked salmon, punnets of berries, and even bags of fruit.


I removed the wine rack and instead better utilised this area by turning it into a functioning shelf, which has a lot of space due to removing the shelf above it.

This shelf now perfectly groups food together using three baskets. Two baskets are for dairy items, and the other is for sauces.


Before and after

The draw on the left has vegetables that need to be used immediately, as they are over a week old.

The draw on the right holds vegetables that have been purchased at the start of the week, and will be used for dinners as the week progresses.

These draws didn’t have to be reorganised.


The Creative Canvass How to declutter and organise your fridge


The door previously held sauces, which I tried to group with tall sauces on one shelf, smaller ones on the other. However, it was really just a chaotic mess.


All of Nick’s beer was moved to the top shelf providing me with space in my fridge, which I desperately needed.

The bottom shelf holds the taller sauces, and the random bottle of wine and soft drink.


I’m so happy with this set up, and it has stayed like this for over a month now.

I find it so much easier categorising food items by type in their own baskets. And as the baskets have sides I can stack items on top of each other if needed.

Having a decluttered and organised fridge has definitely improved my mood whenever I open it. Oh, and as an added bonus, I never have to clean the glass shelves as any spills are contained in the baskets.

(This blog’s previous name was The Creative Canvass, hence why some of the images in this post are labelled

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