Hong Kong one of my absolute favourite cities

Hong Kong an introduction

I love Hong Kong; it’s one of my absolute favourite cities. I can’t even pinpoint why I love it so much. There’s some great tourist attractions, fantastic shopping, tasty food, and the public transport system is one of the best systems I’ve ever used.

No matter what area you’re in there’s something to do, something to eat, and something to see. I just visited Hong Kong with my sister for the third time, and the novelty has not worn off.

Here’s a list of what to check out in Hong Kong. I will be blogging about these in greater detail soon so stay tuned.

Oh, and as a tip, the best way to visit the items on this list is by MTR (Mass Transit Railway). If you’re going to be stopping at a lot of stations over the course of a day make sure you get a one day tourist card (approximately $8 AUD). Hong Kong’s train stations have so many guides and maps you cannot get lost, and everything is super clean. There’s a $5000 AUD fine if you’re caught eating or drinking.

Attractions worth visiting

Restaurants worth checking out

Shopping centres worth visiting

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