A home office overhaul

Love from Lisa a home office overhaul

Last year whilst in Japan, I thought a lot about how I plan my time, and I realised that I wasn’t doing it very well.

I was using a combination of a paper and pen diary, and my iPhone calendar, both of which weren’t really doing it for me.

So after lots of thinking, researching, and stationery shopping, I decided to go old school and start planning my personal life and blog life by using a Filofax.

But it didn’t end there. After thinking a bit more I realised that the most important thing I needed to properly plan my life is the space to do it.

So my home office was born!

I had a room in my house that was empty. So I bought a desk and desk chair from Ikea, stocked up the desk draws with all my notebooks, electrical cords, computer, and Filofax decoration stationery, and hung some prints.

The Creative Canvass A study overhaul

This space is exactly what I needed to start to plan my life properly and get things done. It’s turning out to be one of my favourite rooms.

To keep me inspired to get this office looking its best, I’ve created a Home Office Inspiration Pinterest board, which has some terrific setups on it.

So, here’s to better time management, being motivated to actually make plans, and better utilising space in my home.

(This blog’s previous name was The Creative Canvass, hence why one of the images in this post is labelled www.thecreativecanvass.com)

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