Head and Heart #9 March 2015

Love from Lisa Head and Heart #9 March 2015

Head and Heart is “a monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw.” It’s where I share a more personal side of myself on The Creative Canvass blog.

Here’s my Head and Heart for March 2015.

What I’ve been grateful for

Time, oh so much of it!

I’ve mentioned in a previous Head and Heart that I’ve been grateful to have time to figure a few things out. However, I’ve had too much time for too long now. Time I’ve spent looking for a new job, being a lady of leisure, and using a lot of it thinking about my current phase of life. It’s been great, frustrating, demotivating, and everything in between. This excess time has nearly come to an end, which I’m grateful for, as sometimes too much time to think and not be productive is not a good thing.

Sibling time

Time is my grateful theme of the month, as this month I also spent some quality time with my siblings. We went to a taping of The Project and had Mexican afterwards. It was really fun, and is something that we need to do more of.

What I’ve been thinking about

This blog

This month I attended a Problogger event, which got me thinking about how I can improve this blog, apart from just making design changes. I want to start to put some thought into way I structure my posts. I will definitely be thinking more about this over the coming months.

What I’m excited for

Finishing my plant shortlist

Gardening has become a hobby of mine, and I have many areas in my garden that are currently covered in plastic waiting for some plants. I’m finally going to work on a plant shortlist for these areas over the next month.

Being forced into becoming more productive

Having too much time on my hands has made me feel like I’m not utilising my time effectively. As I know I have so much of it, I often put things off until tomorrow. I feel like the more time I have, the less I get done. As my home time is about to change, I’m going to have to better utilise my weekends. Hopefully this will propel me into actually setting better time plans, and getting stuff done.

What I’ve been doing

A Photoshop course

Employers seem to think that marketing and graphic design are the same thing. They’re not! They’re different professions with different skill sets. I can’t tell you how many jobs I haven’t been able to apply for because employers want marketers with advanced Adobe software skills. So to try to combat this I did a two weekend Photoshop course. I knew it would be a waste of money as it wouldn’t provide me with the level of skills that employers want. However, it was interesting and I’d love to play with Photoshop a little more in my own time.

Cooking with chocolate

This month I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate. I made some beautiful Hot Cross Truffles and Rocky Road. My diet seems to be all about chocolate at the moment. I have so much at home I need to eat, and just bought some more for Easter. Yummo!

What I’ve been reading

A Desirable Residence by Madeleine Wickham

I finally finished this book and am so annoyed with its ending! I have written multiple times that I’m sick of reading boring chick lit novels, yet I keep reading them. With the disappointing ending and no real storyline to this novel, it’s time to put these types of books away.

A Death in The Family – My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard

Part one of a series, this book was recommended to me by my bestie Kremena over at http://ysotiresome.blogspot.com.au/. Straight away it had a much more mature feel to it compared with A Desireable Residence, although it should as it’s written much better, and is a totally different genre. I’m enjoying this book and am interested to see where it goes.

What I’ve been spending money on


This is a recurring theme of expenditure for me. This month has been about not only cooking with chocolate, but also eating it at San Churros. It’s also been a month for eating German food at The Hof Downtown and Hophaus.

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