Head and Heart #10 April 2015

Love from Lisa Head and Heart #10 April 2015

Head and Heart is “a monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw.” It’s where I share a more personal side of myself on this blog.

So here’s my Head and Heart for April 2015.

What I’ve been grateful for

Catch ups
This month was for catching up with old colleagues who I haven’t seen in ages, and who reminded me how much I miss not having great colleagues to work with. It’s amazing when you haven’t seen people for years, but it feels like you just saw them yesterday.

German food
I’ve been trying a lot of German restaurants lately. Last month it was Hop Haus and The Hop Downtown. This month I finally tried Munich Brauhaus and it was worth the wait. If you’re ever in Melbourne, I recommend all of these restaurants.

What I’ve been thinking about

Commute time
I have a huge commute to work these days, and it’s driving me insane. I’m trying all I can to stay sane but I’m starting to think, is it worth it?

What I’m excited for

May is the month for routines and I’m excited about it. I need to be more productive outside of work hours. I’ll be writing more about this soon.

Improved Edible Experiments and Lazy Sunday recipes
Cooking and eating are one of my biggest loves. So no matter what, I always make time to incorporate them into my life. To do this I have created a monthly cooking and baking series. I’m excited to start trying more challenging recipes for this series, so stayed tuned.

What I’ve been doing

Reminiscing about Japan
I’ve finally finished posting about my Japan adventure, which included tours of Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and some fun facts. Writing about my adventures has made me appreciate them so much more.

Blog refocus
In March I attended a Problogger event, and this month I finally went through the notes I took. As a result, I’ve made mission changes to this blog.

What I’ve been reading

A Death in the Family My Struggle – Karl Ove Knausgaard
This is more of a case of what I attempted to read. I really tried to read this but just couldn’t get into it (sorry Kremena).

The Third Wife – Lisa Jewell
This is another chick lit novel, which I swore I’d stop reading for awhile, but this isn’t so chick litty, if that makes sense. It’s about trying to work out why Maya, the third wife of Adrian, died by falling in front of a bus. There’s a bit of a mystery to solve at the moment, and it’s keeping me entertained.

What I’ve been spending money on

I haven’t bought clothes for ages but did so this month in an effort to build more of a work wardrobe. More about this soon…

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