Head and Heart #5 – November 2014

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Head and Heart is “a monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw,” it’s where I share a more personal side of myself on my blog.

So here’s my head and heart for November.

What I’ve been grateful for

I’ve been grateful about this for some time (hehehe). I’m grateful for having time to do the things I need to do before I eventually get another job. Things like getting my Christmas shopping done extra early, cleaning my cooktop and rangehood, and varnishing the hammock.

What I’ve been thinking about

Goals for next year

This year instead of making New Year’s Resolutions I themed my year based on one little word. This year my one little word was Create. I’ve found this way of setting yearly goals way better than making New Year’s Resolutions.

What I’m excited for

For the past five years I’ve been spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s family in Gosford NSW. This year I’m looking forward to it as it’s a great way to catch up with everyone and take a good break. The only downside is that for the first time I’ll be leaving my cat alone at home with a pet sitter to come and feed her. I hope she’ll be okay.

What I’ve been doing

Updating my Pinterest boards
Wow what a massive job, but a fun one. I’ve been doing so much pinning it’s crazy. If you’d like to see my boards please click here.

Watching Desperate Housewives
After finishing Brothers and Sisters I’ve decided to give Desperate Housewives a go. So far so good, but it is taking up a lot of my time, I’m kind of addicted.

Clearing the garden
I’ve been doing more work on my garden overhaul. This has included moving massive amounts of dirt, clearing away second rounds of weed growth, which I’ve now covered with black plastic, and removing plants that weren’t happy.

What I’ve been reading

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner I’m still reading this. I think it’s taking so long to read as I’ve substituted reading with watching Desperate Housewives. I’m half way through so hopefully will have a better update next month.

Heaps and heaps of planner tips
Oh my god, I’m super obsessed with planners, how to decorate them, how to update them, what to do with them – basically everything planner related I’m on it. I have so many pins on my Filofax planner love Pinterest board it’s ridiculous.

What I’ve been spending money on

Christmas presents
Okay, really this isn’t my money as I’ve been buying presents on behalf of my boyfriend for his family so he’s paying for them, but honestly where in the heck has this year gone?

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4 thoughts to “Head and Heart #5 – November 2014”

  1. Argh, that task of ‘cleaning up my Pinterest boards’ is also on my neverending to do list. May I ask how long you took to clean it all up? I am not looking forward to it!

    Can’t wait to wrap up the year, review it and set some new goals too Lisa! It’s such a great process to go through, it feels like you’re cleansing yourself – or maybe that’s just me being weird? 😉

    I’m currently re-watching the Gilmore Girls from scratch. So good, so good!

    1. Hi Helen,

      I cleaned up my Pinterest boards for probably at least an hour a day for a couple of weeks, it was tiring but worth it. I love Pinterest, it’s my favourite site at the moment. You’re not being weird, I’m definitely cleansing myself with my goal process for this year, I still can’t believe it’s nearly over, and am looking forward to venting how my year went 🙂 The Gilmore Girls is my absolute favourite show, I love it and will be rewatching it very soon too. I have the entire series on DVD.

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