Head and Heart #3 – September 2014

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Head and Heart is “a monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw,” it’s where I share a more personal side of myself on my blog.

So here’s my head and heart for September.

What I’ve been grateful for

So here’s a painting 101 lesson, when moving furniture do not sit on the window ledge and push, if you do this your butt will crack the window big time. Thank god for glaziers, that’s all I’m saying.

I either love sushi or I hate it, and right now I love it. I’ve just discovered a new love of Bento Boxes and I can’t stop eating them. Maybe it’s in preparation for my Japan trip?

What I’ve been thinking about

There’s one relationship in my life that no matter how much I try I can never do anything right. I’m usually just waiting for the next fight, constantly watching what I say, and never really giving everything that I have for fear that it will get used against me. This month the relationship took a backwards step and showed me that it was always on the rocky ground that I thought it wasn’t on anymore. I have been thinking a lot about how I can deal with this and I’m not entirely sure what to do. I’m either going to have to retreat into myself and not give it everything I have, or kill the relationship all together, as relationships that are toxic and don’t make you feel great are not worth it, no matter who that person is in your life.

Rekindling old friendships
7 years ago I ended a friendship with a friend. I still think about her and recently did some internet stalking and discovered that she’s had a baby. I thought about getting back in contact with her, but after a night’s sleep I realised that sometimes the past is in the past for a reason.

What I’m excited for

Who gets excited for decluttering? I do! There are so many cupboards, as well as my fridge, that need decluttering and it’s time that I started! I also want to declutter my wardrobe and work out once and for all what I should start buying to suit my pear shape. I’m looking forward to doing this, and of course updating you all on my progress.

What I’ve been doing

There are two bedrooms in my house that must have been kid’s bedrooms in a previous life. One is pink and the other blue. I’ve been dying to paint these for ages, and I finally got on top of it. I thought I’d hate it but it was fun, the painting that is, not the prep. The worst part has been the blue room as the back wall was FULL of lumps, almost like it had been painted over bubbly wallpaper. I had to putty and paint the wall and when that didn’t work I puttied the whole wall and then had to sand it. I’ve called it my wall from hell. I also ended up painting the master bedroom too, I’m so glad this job is finished. However, I did learn a lot, which you can read about here.

Eating way too many Ferrero’s
A friend gave me a massive tray of Ferrero’s for my birthday back in August. I only just finished them. Sometimes I was eating 6 at a time, I couldn’t stop. They’re soooo good, now I just need to get through my box of Lindts.

What I’ve been reading

After watching the movie The 100 Foot Journey, I decided to give the book a go. Like most books vs movies they were very different. The book is better at going into the perils of owning a restaurant and building Hassan’s career compared to the movie. However, the movie deals with the main character’s personal relationships much better than the book. Overall, I recommend the book as it’s easy to read and is really enjoyable.

I’m also still reading  Your Dream Career For Dummies by Carol L. McClelland. I’m at the stage where I’m researching a couple of career options that the worksheets have led me to. Funnily enough these career options are related to what I was doing previously.

What I’ve been spending money on

Hong Kong
I very unexpectantly took a one week trip to Hong Kong when my sister asked me to meet her there on her way back from her overseas study trip. Hong Kong is one of my absolute favourite cities. I love the fact that the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system is so efficient and clean. You can get anywhere fast. The shopping is amazing with many different shopping centres full of luxury and mid-market brands. No matter what train station you exit the surrounding area is full of people, shops, food, and buzz.

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2 thoughts to “Head and Heart #3 – September 2014”

  1. Ahh I still haven’t seen the movie yet (100 Foot Journey), but I’ve read the book. I’ve been told the ending is significantly different, so be warned!

    And you’re right on about leaving some things in the past. They’re in the past for the reason…. I sometimes think about oh but what if…. maybe i should…. but then I realise hey, is it really worth it? 🙂

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