What I’ve learnt so far about….gardening

What I've learnt about gardening it's therapeutic

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far about gardening from the mammoth garden overhaul I started this year:

  • Digging is surprisingly fun and very therapeutic
  • My biggest tip is as soon as you have cleared an area cover it with plastic and weigh the plastic down. I spent hours pulling weeds and digging out plants and after a month of leaving the soil exposed weeds grew like grass, it took forever to get it back to its bare state


What I've learnt about gardening no plastic equals weeds galore

What I've learnt about gardening cover everything

  • Pins are a great way to hold the plastic down

What I've learnt about gardening pins are great

What I've learnt about gardening pin it down

  • When laying plastic around plants make sure there’s space for the plants to absorb water

What I've learnt about gardening plastic and plants

  • Weeds grow out of even the smallest gap in plastic. They remind me of alfalfa sprouts
  • Rose bushes are hell to dig out
  • Agapanthus are even more hellish to dig out, they have hundreds of weeds
  • If mulching order it all at once, otherwise you’ll end up with different shades

What I've learnt about gardening mulch

  • A wheel barrow will be your best friend
  • I don’t think weed killer really kills weeds
  • Make a garden plan so everything compliments each other. I’m about to start one on this Pinterest board
  • Even if you learn how to care for your plants some will just die
  • Seasol regularly, I do it every fortnight
  • Have fun and do it in sections so it’s not overwhelming


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