Garden overhaul

Completed frontyard

Completed backyard

I’ve never understood why people like gardening. All the weeding, watering, raking, and long hours in the great outdoors wasn’t ever something that appealed to me.

A few years ago I moved in to the house I currently live in. The previous owners had spent a lot of money on landscaping, which I was very grateful for. At the back there’s a gorgeous two level deck, an area with fake grass (bonus!) and another area with trees and real grass.

The front was also landscaped, but honestly I can’t tell you how as I never enter the house through the front, which is the exact reason why the front became a jungle. As I never looked at it, it became overgrown and full of long, long, long weeds.

Every time my parents came over the first thing my mum would say was “your garden’s such a mess, you need to do something about it”. So one day I had enough of my mum’s nagging and the massive garden overhaul began.

Operation clean up commenced October 2013 and was completed May 2014, that’s 7 months of digging out rose bushes and agapanthus (those things are evil bitches, they don’t budge easily), tree removal, tree cutting, mulching – a lot of hard work.

At times I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe that I was doing it on my own. Colleagues were questioning why I was doing it without help. Neighbours would say “he’s done a good job on your garden” which was annoying. There was no he, it was all she, why can’t girls dig and carry large trees without getting any credit?

Anyway, now I can see why people like gardening. The process of the jungle before to the mulched non jungleness (I’m making this a new word) has been really rewarding.

Here’s all the front before and afters

Frontyard before and afters 3

Frontyard before and afters 4

Frontyard before and afters 2

Frontyard before and afters 1

  Here’s all the back before and afters

Backyard before and afters 7

Backyard before and afters 6

Backyard before and afters 5

Backyard before and afters 3

Backyard before and afters 2

Backyard before and afters 4

Backyard before and afters 1

Backyard waste2

My wall of trees before and after, two walls were removed and the snails found a new home

Tree burial

Mountain of mulch Mountain of mulch there were 6 cubic metres of this delivered!

There’s still so much to do, which I’m actually looking forward to. This was definitely a hobby that I never thought would grow on me, but one I look forward to continuing.

Since writing this post I’ve done some more on my garden, which you can read in my post titled Garden overhaul an update.

I’ve also learn’t heaps, which you can read here what I’ve learnt so far about…gardening.


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