Garden overhaul an update

Garden update

When I look at the before and afters of my garden overhaul, I still can’t believe how much I’ve done, and how much I’ve continued to do.

This year has turned out to be the year of the house. I’ve learnt a lot about gardening, as well as painting, and even cooktop cleaning, but now the time has come to just stop with the heavy lifting and start with the beautification, at least where the garden is concerned.

So here’s what’s been happening in the garden since my last update:

Garden update dirt removal

  • Massive amounts of dirt have been moved from the front garden, to the side of the house, to the backyard, then finally around a tree. Yes, lots of dirt has been moved, and as I have no wheelbarrow it was moved in my green waste bin. Let’s just say I also have massive bruises. Thanks to the previous owners layering mulch upon mulch it all had to be removed before I could clean the slate and start again

Garden update side of house

Garden update backyard

  • As I’ve recently learnt if you leave dirt exposed weeds grow like grass. So the front and side of the house and backyard are all now covered in plastic, pinned down, and then pinned down again with bricks and tiles. This will stay like this until I’ve planned what plants to plant
  •  My second lemon tree was removed as it turned out to be another lemon, as it didn’t grow any
  •  Four Gardenias were removed as they died
  •  Mulch has been removed from the base of every tree and plant so Seasol and water can reach the roots better
  •  I’ve visited a couple of local nurseries to get inspiration on what to plant

The Creative Canvass garden overhaul an update

  • And even though not entirely garden related, the hammock was given a few coats of varnish

I am planning on posting more regular garden updates, hopefully the next one will be about the plans I have for what the garden will look like.

I’m thinking of having a Japanese theme but I’m not entirely sure. I’m definitely going to have a herb garden, hopefully some gorgeous pots, and maybe even a stone bench.


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