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I’ve never been a huge market fan, largely because when I was young my parents dragged me to trash and treasure markets. I hated looking at broken wares, used items, and products that were displayed on the ground.

However, after going to the Finders Keepers market last year I have discovered designer markets, markets where everything is intact and indescribably beautiful. A market that’s full of gorgeous, one of a kind items that you’d normally find overseas or in boutiques. For me it was heaven, and I never wanted to leave. So when I heard it was back this year I booked it in my diary in pen, a pen booking – now that’s serious.

When opening day finally arrived I was one of hundreds of others who lined up to get in. Apparently everyone loves designer markets. When I finally entered I was not disappointed.  The homewares, accessories, gorgeous wrapping paper and ribbons, garden products, clothes, jewellery – everything was so beautiful.

The designers who exhibit at these markets work extremely hard, often in conjunction with full time jobs and families. I learnt about this last year when a designer told me that she missed her daughter’s second birthday because she was exhibiting at another market. It really struck a chord with me. The designers spend so much time on their products, they miss family occasions, they put everything into what they do, and boy do they do it well. Going to these markets and buying what you can is a great way to support them.

Here’s some quick tips I’ve learnt about designer markets:

  • If you love it buy it immediately
  • If in doubt you will always find somewhere in your home to display it
  • You have to push through the crowds. I hate pushing but sometimes you have to
  • If you need to buy a gift designer markets are the BEST place to get them
  • Buy all your wrapping needs from these markets, they are gorgeous

I can’t wait for the next designer market to come up. Until then here’s the links to some of my favourite Finder Keepers market items pictured above:

1 Pop Plant this holds the gorgeous Cranula plant and looks so good on my coffee table. You can read more about this here.

2 & 4 The Mod Collective porcelain tableware and orb lights. Everything from this designer is gorgeous and I love their pastel colours.

3 Bespoke Letterpress coasters in not quite chevron and hearts. I bought these and plan on using them as gift tabs by writing my own special message on them. They also have gorgeous double sided wrap which I love. I also bought some pink twine from InkyCo. Both of these designers have the most gorgeous wrapping products I’ve ever seen. I’m really keen to jazz up my Christmas wrapping activities this year, so will definitely be visiting their online stores.

5.  Linnea Swedish Design Create print. I bought this online last year and saw it at the market. It’s my inspiration for my one little word of the year.

6. Days of August tropical punch colour wheel necklace. I bought this at last year’s market and love it to bits.

7. Entrance signage.

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