Filofax weekly pages May

Love from Lisa Filofax decoration

Planning is a big part of my life. It not only makes me more focused, but it ensures that I allocate enough time for the things in life that truly matter to me.

My planning tool of choice is an A5 Filofax, and here’s what it looked like in May.

Monthly view – week 1

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages May

Monthly view
April was about Autumn, May’s about dots. There’s no particular reason for this, the dots just felt happy and matched perfectly with my dot magnetic bookmark. However, like April, the decorations for this month’s monthly view were scrap paper attached with double sided tape.

Here you can see scheduled blog posts in orange washi tape. The reason you can see these for this month, and no other month, is that part of my April action plan was to write a three month post schedule. This means you’ll see these over the next couple of months as well.

Week 1
Over Easter I bought the cutest scrap booking accessories from Lincraft. One of them was a birthday pack and had some really cute little animals with birthday hats and presents. This page uses some of these.

This was a quiet week dedicated to cooking and trialling the gym, which is part of my May goals of needing to establish some routines.

Week 2 – Week 3

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages May

Week 2
This week was all about getting things done, hence my little list decoration in the middle.

This week included baking Macadamia, Chia, and Raspberry Muesli Bars, and a Chewy Chunky Chocolate Slice, writing my monthly Head and Heart post, and going out for dinner with friends.

Week 3
These gorgeous flags are part of the packs I got at Lincraft, which are attached with double sided tape. I really love this week’s decorations as they’re simple, and the colour is really pretty.

This was also a quiet week where I was able to take some time out to do the things that really matter to me, which include setting goals, checking out cool things on the internet, and hanging out with my sister at Camberwell Market.

Week 4 – Week 5

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages May

Week 4
By this week I was really behind on my decorations, so I feel like this one was slapped together without much though. Here you’ll notice a little message that I wrote to myself, reminding me to eat fresh. I’ve done a lot of restaurant eating before this point so it was a reminder to eat better.

This week was very uneventful. All I did was write some posts and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, which I’m totally addicted to at the moment!

Week 5
This weeks decoration was inspired by using some washi tape that I haven’t used before, combined with using some Autumn / Spring related stickers as Winter’s coming up, so these can’t be used for much longer.

Again, this was a super quiet week, with nothing really scheduled, which is always great to have once in awhile.

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For inspiration on how to use and decorate a Filofax please visit my Filofax Planner Love Pinterest board.

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