Filofax weekly pages April

Love from Lisa Filofax decoration

Planning is a big part of my life. It not only makes me more focused, but it ensures that I allocate enough time for the things in life that truly matter to me.

My planning tool of choice is an A5 Filofax, and here’s what it looked like for April.

Monthly view – week 1

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages April

Monthly view

Like March, April continues with an Autumn theme, using scrap paper and stickers.

Week 1

Bunny page flags were used to celebrate Easter, which was a week for catch ups with work colleagues and friends that I haven’t seen in ages.

Week 2 – Week 3

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages April

Week 2

As this was my last week of freedom before starting a new job, I tried to do as many things that make me happy as I could. This included shopping, writing Edible Experiments and Head and Heart posts, making garden plans, and eating a lot of food.

Week 3

This week was about being motivated, hence the reason for the quotes.

Week 4 – Week 5

Love from Lisa Filofax weekly pages April

Week 4

I love these decorations, they’re from a make your own birthday card pack. This week was about getting back into a schedule, and thinking a lot about how to stay on top of blogging, which is a massive priority for me.

Week 5

I love this week’s decoration, it’s basic but cute.

Socially this week was very quiet, which all weeks from now on will be now that I’m working full time again. I’m resolving to dedicate the majority of my free time this week onwards to improving my time management skills so my blogging life stays a priority whilst working full time hours.

For planner updates as they occur please visit my Instagram account.

For inspiration on Filofax usage please visit my Filofax Planner Love Pinterest board.

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2 thoughts to “Filofax weekly pages April”

    1. Hi Kristy,

      I have a legend of washi tape colours that I use for different activites then write on them in washi tape. Here’s a link detailing this So for example, if I have a blog post to write, I use the orange washi and write down the title of the post on it. I then put the washi on the calendar on the date I need to do the post. I’m hoping to post about this process soon.

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