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Last month I wrote about my obsession for everything Filofax planner related, and detailed the setup of my A5 Filofax planner.

I thought it was about time that I now shared with you the decoration of each week for the month of January.

I didn’t even know that planner decoration was even a thing. I only learnt about this once I started researching ways that I could plan my life better.

I am in awe of how beautifully people decorate their planners. As you will soon see from my pages, decorating is not yet something that I’m great at, but it will be interesting to see how my decorating skills develop over the course of this year.

So here goes, here’s my Filofax A5 planner decorated pages for January:

I also upload each week’s decorations as soon as I’ve done them to my Instagram account.

I also have a Filofax Planner Love Pinterest board full of planner inspiration.

The Creative Canvass Filofax decoration January weekly pages

January month view

To start the year I went with a green and owl theme. There was no particular reason why I chose green, but it must have been my colour of the moment, as it’s the colour I chose to give this blog a mini facelift this month.

Week 1

The decorations for this week were all about starting the year off on a positive note. I want to remember to stay happy this year, smile, and live a little more adventurously.

Week 2

This week I was trying to prolong the holiday feeling by using red, white, and gold to decorate. This colour combination made this week bright and cheerful.

This week was about doing some cooking for my Lazy Sunday Eatery series.

It was also the first week where I inserted my one little word goals. This insert will be moved to the start of every new week.

Week 3

Ahh butterflies, they are so beautiful and were a great way to add some colour to this week, which was turning into a week of chores and Osteo appointments.

Week 4

I don’t love this week’s decoration. It’s boring, but its purpose was to encourage me to stay home and relax. It was about trying not to stress about things that I can’t control.

Week 5

The last week of January already! This week’s decoration was again about staying happy and positive and about being grateful for what I have.

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