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This new series replaces Head and Heart, as a way to reflect on where I’m currently at in life.

It’s a shortened list from Taking Stock, written by From Lucy with Love.

Cooking: Spaghetti. Aside from stir-fry and schnitzel it’s the only meal I can cook without a recipe, and is the meal I always crave when overseas.

Buying: A sleeve for my Mac, which was only $15 on eBay. A steal, considering others  I saw were over $70.

Enjoying: That it’s still light outside at 8pm, it makes the day feel so much longer.

Feeling: Annoyed that I have to start my last unit of a Diploma of Digital Marketing course, which uses up way more of my time than I thought it would.

Going: To Gosford for Christmas with Nick’s family for 5 days of sleeping, eating, and doing not much.

Organising: My cupboards finally!! One by one, bit by bit.

Pinning: Lunch ideas, I need some new food inspiration.

Planning: On blogging again, which until I’ve finished my course will consist of one post a week.

Reading: I’m currently in between books but am going through a series of samples, so stay tuned.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy season 11 so I’m nearly up to date. I’ve been watching this since May. I also started Fargo last night and love it already.

Wanting: To plan another overseas trip. Last month I did London, Paris and Scotland and I’m itching to go back already.

Looking: Forward to starting a new year with new goals, as my one little word for this year took a back seat.

Deciding: On whether or not to continue with my Filofax decoration.

Wishing: I could work part time.

Needing: Muffin to stop her screaming and clinginess before Nick gets really angry.


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