Ryan’s toddler favourites Winter 2018

Ryan’s toddler favourites Winter 2018

Ryan is starting to show a preference for certain items, including TV shows (I’m talking to you Duggee!)

So, I thought it would be fun to list eight items that are currently in high demand in our household.

Just as an FYI, the above images are not my own, they’re taken from the supplier’s website, and are linked against their corresponding number below.

Also, I’ve purchased all of these items. I don’t have any affiliate relationships with any of the brands mentioned in this post. They’re all 100% Ryan’s current favourites (some are actually mine!)

1. Leapfrog count along till (£22)
This toy comes with 10 plastic coins and a credit card that you use to buy food, the prices of which are relayed to you by the till. Ryan loves putting the coins into the slot, and pressing all the buttons. When he’s old enough I’ll teach him how to listen to the cost of each item, and how many coins he needs to buy them.

2. Fisher Price hippo projection soother (£23)
This soother plays music for approximately 30 minutes, which lasts through Ryan’s bedtime routine, and finishes after he’s fallen asleep. The soother can play either lullabies or white noise, and it has a light function that projects stars onto the roof.

3. Little People swing and share tree house (£53)
Ryan loves this toy, he knocks it over and puts the little girl, boy, and dog through the tree house door. I also find the girl, boy, and dog in shoes, other toys, in the couch….. The toy plays songs about sharing, and has the flexibility of growing with Ryan as it can be attached to other Little People products.

4. Fuel bento lunchbox (£31)
Ryan knows that this lunchbox means snacks, so as soon as he sees it he giggles and opens it to get a snack out. This box is so versatile, you can stock it with or without the boxes it comes with, which means it will grow with Ryan’s food needs.

5. Marks and Spencer sleeping bag (£18)
Another part of Ryan’s bedtime routine is getting into his sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is thick, soft, and opens right up so it’s easy to get Ryan in and out of it.

6. Bonds wondersuit ($18)
Bonds is my favourite Aussie brand, and I especially love their kids clothing range. The range is colourful, comfortable, and practical. This wondersuit has two zips, so if I need to change Ryan in the middle of the night I can unzip the suit from the bottom so it’s less disturbing. Bonds offer free shipping to the UK if you spend over $100, so future Bonds purchases are definitely on the horizon.

7. JoJo Maman Bébé rabbit comforter (£10)
Ryan knows that bedtime means bunny time. When he sees bunny he gets so excited he giggles. If he’s really tired he puts bunny’s ears in his, it’s very cute. We have four bunnies at home, just in case we loose one.

8. Baby Jogger City Mini GT pushchair (£359)
This is more my favourite than Ryan’s. In November I bought this pushchair to replace the one I had, which I hated. I chose this brand because I see it everywhere, it was the first pushchair brand I saw after having Ryan. It’s small, easy to push, and has a wide canopy. I love it.

I’m really interested to see how much Ryan’s favourites list will change next season, when it’s not as cold and he’s a bit older.

Does your toddler have any current favourite items that they, and you, can’t live without? I love hearing about the items that these little humans treasure.

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How to feed your toddler with minimal planning

How to feed your toddler with minimal planning

Recently I posted about changing my weekly meal planning routine to make it more time efficient.

Prior to making these changes, I was doing a separate meal plan for Ryan. This meant that I was planning 56 meals a week covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Talk about ridiculous, time consuming, and exhausting.

So, pumped up on how well the new way of planning Nick’s and my weekly meals was going, I decided to change the way Ryan’s meals were planned as well.

Ryan has been baby led weaned from 6 months. This means he ate solids from the start. It also means that he can eat the same meals as Nick and I.

Ultimately this means that Ryan doesn’t need his own meal plan, he can join in on Nick’s and mine. Hence minimal planning is needed to feed him, as he can fit into an already existing plan.

After much thought, this is how Ryan’s meals now look like on a weekly basis, all with the aim of feeding him with as minimal amount of planning as possible:

Breakfasts take the least amount of planning.

I have a tub in the fridge labelled Ryan. It holds the following:

  • Crumpets
  • Wholemeal muffins
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Croissants
  • Brioche loaves

Each of these along with muesli are on rotation, so Ryan has something different for breakfast each morning.

Spreads include butter with vegemite (he is an Aussie after all), peanut butter, or jam. Sometimes he has cheese and ham in his croissant.

Together with whatever is chosen for that morning, Ryan also has a Babybel cheese or yoghurt and fruit.

In order to make lunches easy I capitalise on the batch cooking I do for Nick’s and my dinners.

Whenever I make a dinner I fill up two containers with Ryan size portions of the dinner and freeze it. Before I freeze it I stick masking tape onto the container and write what the contents are and when it was cooked.

This means I have a freezer drawer full of meals that can be heated up for Ryan’s lunch in an instant.

If my stock is running low I resort to premade meals like:

  • Mini quiches
  • Pasta
  • Pasta bakes
  • Mini sandwiches
  • Fish fingers
  • Salads

Here comes the planner addict in me. On the Google Sheet I have Nick’s and my weekly meal plan on, there’s a tab titled Ryan. On this tab I have a box with two columns titled lunch stock and snack stock.

Any time I freeze a meal for Ryan’s future lunches, or snacks, I type the meal into the sheet. This way I know exactly what I have on hand for his meals.

Right now the sheet looks like this:

Lunch stock Snack stock
2 x Greek pasta melts 8 x Strawberry nutty bites
1 x Home made pizza 2 x Pitas
1 x Mexican mince 4 x Macaroni and cheese muffins
2 x Tortellini packets 5 x Ham and cheese rollups
15 x Nuggets

Ryan eats the same dinners as Nick and I.

As I batch cook my dinners they’re ready a couple of days before they’re needed.

So each night I dish up a portion of what Nick and I are due to have that night for Ryan, heat it up, and let him eat. He eats earlier than Nick and I. This way I don’t have to think of a separate meal for Ryan. It’s pre planned.

I have a drawer in the kitchen that holds Ryan’s store bought snacks like:

  • Sultanas
  • Rice cakes
  • Wafers
  • Fruit bars
  • Muesli bars

Now that I’ve finally settled into the new place, my aim is to get back into making home made snacks so Ryan will have store bought and home made snacks daily.

I still have a few home made snacks in the freezer, which are shown in the above table.

Just like lunches, any future home made snacks will be frozen and added to the snack column to make snack time easy.

If I ever need meal inspiration I refer to my Baby and Toddler Food Ideas (BLW) Pinterest Board, which has helped me heaps of times.

So that’s it, that’s how I feed my toddler with minimal planning.

If you have any other tips or food ideas I’d love to hear them, I’m always up for varying Ryan’s meals and making his meal times super quick and easy.

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