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The story behind the birth of this blog stems from setting my New Year’s resolutions. After going through the process of determining what I wanted to achieve this year, I realised that the whole New Year’s resolution process wasn’t working for me. I always had so many resolutions, which I’d usually forget by February.

So after going through the same process this year, and having 11 resolutions that I knew I’d never do, I thought why don’t I set a theme for my year instead?

The process of setting a theme started with researching how to do this, making lists, getting ideas, and getting my head around this new way of goal setting.

This is when I discovered that many people were already doing this. They were exchanging New Year’s resolutions for a yearly theme. However, they were taking it one step further by defining their year by a single word. One word that would define how they acted and what goals they would set for the year ahead.

So the process of choosing my one word began.

From all the resources available, the one that I most closely resonated with was a workbook to use to define your year by Martine Holston. As I worked through the workbook many questions were asked, pondered, and evaluated.

The process started with choosing five words that could be my word of the year. I selected these words based on what other people who had already undertaken the process selected. These words were:

  1. Create
  2. Focus
  3. Habit
  4. Decisiveness
  5. Choice

I researched the meaning of each and thought about each carefully.

No matter what word I considered create kept leaping out. As a further sign that create should be my word I remembered that when I initially thought about defining my year I thought about the things I love doing and how I could implement these into my word. The one thing I loved doing from the year before was making envelopes to house candy canes and attaching them to the Christmas gifts I was wrapping. I loved the creativity it involved and initially thought, before even realising that people were defining their year, that this year could be the year where I’m more creative.

Candy cane envelopes


My inspiration from the year before

The word create just kept popping up, it was instinctive. So I decided that create would be my word, it just felt good.

Now that I had chosen the word create I had to formulate three goals identifying how living a year of create would influence them. I used my list of New Year’s resolutions to assist me.

My new create oriented goals became:

  1. Create moods that affect those around me positively – become the person I want to be around
  2. Create a healthy lifestyle for a healthy mind, body, and spirit
  3. Create a life outside of work. Start hobbies that express my creative side, that fulfill me, and take the focus off finding the perfect job

The final step was deciding upon one big goal for the year. I decided that my third goal was the most important. Finding something outside of work that fulfilled me would ultimately lead to better moods and a healthy mind, body, and spirit. So after researching hobbies that I may enjoy I decided that my one big goal for this year was to start blogging, to write about my experiences, document my crazy ideas, and get things out of my head and in the world.

And that is how this blog was born. I hope it has a long life.

If you’d like to find out how this theme worked for me, please click here.

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The birth of a blog

The Creative Canvass the birth of a blog

For a long, long time I’ve been trying to find something that would take my focus off finding the perfect job (do they even exist?) something that would make my life a little more interesting, and something that I love.

I’m a big list person, and every year make New Year’s resolutions. This year I was hoping to resolve to find this something. I researched resolutions that people make to inspire my choice, I researched hobbies that may be this something, I did quizzes, made lists, and spent way too long perfecting and streamlining my resolutions.

After the whole process I had 11 New Year’s resolutions – too many in my opinion. They ranged from the typical break bad habits, stop talking about food and body issues, stick up for myself, have more me time, and stop skipping the gym. I also listed hobbies that I wanted to start which were:

  • Baking
  • Blogging
  • Cooking foreign food
  • Exploring Melbourne
  • Exploring online forums

When I looked at my large list of resolutions I was overwhelmed, there was no way I would remember them throughout the year. I realised that I needed to change this process somehow. I needed to be more focussed, so I thought why don’t I set a theme for my year, one theme that would guide my actions for the year ahead?

So in true Lisa style I researched how to do this and discovered that many people were already on to this concept. However, instead of a phrase they were theming their year by using a single word, one word that would dictate how they acted for the whole year. One word that would form a few resolutions for the year instead of the 11 varied ones I had come up with, which I knew would be forgotten about by February.

So the process to find my one little word to define my year began. The word I came up with was Create.

What does this mean? How did I come up with this one little word, and how and why has it led to the birth of this blog? To find out more click here.

To find out what one little word of the year this process led me to for 2015, click here.

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