How to be more decisive

Love from Lisa how to be more decisive

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Just like the image above, many times I have one thing in front of me, but I want something else.

I’m the worst at making decisions. I go over and over them in my head, and annoy the heck out of my sister constantly asking her what I should do.

This applies to anything from what to eat, what to buy, and how to spend my time.

Being more decisive is a big goal of mine this year. The best way I can think of to help me make decisions better is to list things to think about whenever a decision making opportunity arises.

So, here goes:

Make a pros and cons list
Writing what the results of a decision may be could help minimise post decision making anxiety. Making a list like this means that you’ve thought about all elements of a certain decision, and you really can’t do more than that.

Go with your gut
I preach this constantly, but really need to practice it. I think you should always go with your gut on anything, as sometimes you know the best way to go, even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it.

Set deadlines
I’ve never done this but I’m definitely going to start. Giving decisions a deadline means that the decision has a time limit and you can’t spend too much time going back and forth, which is my biggest problem.

Visualise the outcome
Visualising the outcome of a decision is a great way to think about the long term effects of your choice, and not just the short term. I’m going to give this a go as well.

Once your decision is made, get over it
I constantly tell myself this. In reality, once a decision’s been made you can’t do anything about it so stop thinking about it. Stop going over the what ifs, it’s too late! It’s hard to do this, but practice makes perfect.

This is a great start. I’m definitely going to use these to help me stop my decision deliberation!

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