April action plan a review

Love from Lisa action plan - a review

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Goal setting is a great way to prioritise time for the things in life that truly matter to you.

I set two types of goals, which are yearly goals using one little word, and monthly goals using a monthly action plan.

My monthly action plan outlines my goal for the month, and what objectives I would like to achieve for the goal.

Last month my goal was on my health, this month my goal is focusing on this very blog.

Here’s my monthly action plan outlining what my objectives were to do this, and if they were achieved.

April focus – The Creative Canvass

Objective 1 – write a three month post schedule

Achieved! I now have a three month post schedule with two posts planned per week until the end of July. I achieved by scheduling current monthly series, then filling the gaps with ideas I’ve already started, and then new series ideas, which will make their appearances very soon.

Objective 2 – pick a fight

Achieved! Picking a fight for your blog is something I learnt at a ProBlogger event I attended in March. Effectively this means giving your blog a purpose, something to fight for, something to get others to rally around.

After much thought I’ve decided that my fight is:

“to provide you with inspiration on how lists, plans, goals, and organisational tools can help you make time for the things in life that truly matter to you”

Objective 3 – update the about page

Achieved! Once my fight was chosen my about page was updated to reflect it.

Objective 4 – work on standard keywords

Achieved! I have a list of standard keywords that I use for all of my posts. I then add post specific keywords to the end of this list. Once my blog’s mission was established I added mission specific keywords to my standard list. I’m now in the process of updating past posts with these new keywords.

Was my April action plan put into place?

I feel like it was. Each objective that I had for April was achieved. I feel like I’ve given this blog some much needed love and attention, but it still needs a bit more.

If you’d like some inspiration on goal setting, or what my past action plans have been, then please visit my goal setting Pinterest board.

If you’d like to learn more about one little word please visit my one little word – olw Pinterest board.

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