6 UK day trips we’ve recently taken

6 UK day trips we’ve recently taken

Sunday is family day in our household, and we try to spend as many of them as possible going on a day trip.

As we moved to the UK last year, there are many places we have yet to explore. So we have heaps more adventures ahead of us.

But for now, here are 6 day trips we’ve taken so far. Each of them is easy to get to, have great town centres, and have attractions for all ages.

1 & 2 Salisbury and Bristol
Mel offered to babysit Ryan in August for an entire weekend. So Nick and I took an overnight trip to Salisbury and Bristol.

Our first stop was Salisbury, where we visited the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral. This Cathedral is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Its ceilings are crafted to precision, the windows are stencilled beautifully, and the outdoor garden is expansive. It also has one of only four original Magna Cartas that you can view at an interactive exhibition.

Salisbury Cathedral

After Salisbury Cathedral we visited the Old Sarum, the site of the earliest settlement in Salisbury. It was great to walk around and get a sense of the town’s origins.

To end this jam packed day, we had dinner at Baroushka, a Turkish and Lebanese restaurant. It was great to eat without Ryan trying to grab food out of my mouth.

The next day we explored Bristol by foot. Bristol was much larger than Nick and I expected, we both agreed that we could easily live there.

We walked around Millennium Square, which has many shops and restaurants dotted around its waterfront. We also visited Bristol Cathedral, and Clifton Suspension Bridge, the bridge had amazing views of the city.

Bristol Millenium Square Waterfront

3 Bath
In September we went to Bath. It was my second visit, but on my first I didn’t go to The Roman Baths so we made this our first stop.

I loved The Roman Baths, it was really interesting to read about each area’s history and construction, and surreal to think about the people that bathed here many, many moons ago.

Bath Roman Baths sculptures

We spent a couple of hours walking around the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, and the Pump Room.

After all our walking we grabbed a burger at Smashburger. Ryan of course had his own, which he wouldn’t share with anyone.

4 Brighton
This was mine and Ryan’s second visit to Brighton, but Nick’s first.

We went to Brighton Pier, where Nick was just as impressed with its size and variety of rides and food as I was when I saw it for the first time.

Brighton Pier

We also visited the Royal Pavilion, which was built as a palace for King George IV. It’s interior is very oriental, and whilst the Palace is expansive, it doesn’t feel like it as you enter its many rooms.

Brighton The Royal Pavillion

There were many people eating a picnic out on the gardens, but we decided to eat at one of the many surrounding restaurants. We chose Wahaca as Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines. Ryan had the best looking nachos I’ve seen in a long time, and my burrito was amazing.

5 Winchester
In October we visited the medieval town of Winchester and checked out its Cathedral as well as Wolvesey Castle.

Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, but it doesn’t take very long to get around. It’s also walking distance to Wolvesey Castle, which we visited as well.

Winchester Cathedral

Wolvesey Castle was fantastic. It was great walking amongst its ruins and imagining the events that were once held there. Whilst we were walking around Ryan said his first word – oh no, when he dropped some food.

6 Warwick Castle
Another day, another castle, however, this time the castle wasn’t in ruins.

Warwick Castle

There’s so much to do at Warwick Castle, including Princess visits, dungeon tours, and amazing views of the Castle and its grounds from various towers.

Warwick Castle Tower views

We still need to visit so many areas, so if you have any day trip suggestions I’d love to hear about them. In particular, do you know of any beachside towns, or towns that are baby friendly?

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