#100HappyDays. Days 91 – 100

So I completed my first social media challenge ever the #100HappyDays challenge. In fact this is the first challenge I think I’ve ever participated in.

I’m not really sure on the relevance, or improvement that this has had on my life.  I will think about it some more and write a follow up post, but here’s the last 10 days:

#100HappyDays Days 91-100

Day 91 Friday 25.07.14
Sorry Disneyland but The Finders Keepers Market is the happiest place on earth. I love this market everything is so gorgeous! Expect more on this market soon.

Day 92 Saturday 26.07.14
Spending the weekend in Gosford NSW for my boyfriend’s Niece’s 2nd birthday and enjoying some downtime.

Day 93 Sunday 27.07.14
Enjoying the serenity and warmth! Such a gorgeous location and the weather, dare I say it, shines all over Melbourne.

Day 94 Monday 28.07.14
I’ve eaten way too much as usual this weekend, way too much sugar in the form of birthday cake.  Should eat fruit like these gorgeous creatures.

Day 95 Tuesday 29.07.14
Painted nails I love them and need to do them more often.

Day 96 Wednesday 30.07.14
I love my new addition to the family. Low maintenance plants are the best.

Day 97 Thursday 31.07.14
Just chilling with Milka as usual watching the Bachelor and am so damn happy it’s Friday tomorrow.

Day 98 Friday 01.08.14
With a belly full of food it’s time to hit the couch.  I can’t believe it’s already August and am happy I’ve nearly made it through this challenge.

Day 99 Saturday 02.08.14
This is my last sister weekend for a long time as my sister is deserting me to study overseas.  A day of tattoos, Nandos, brownies and ice cream. Tomorrow it’s the market, shopping, and Maha. I’m very happy but also sad.

Day 100 Sunday 03.08.14
Finally I get to announce my happiest moment of all, I’ve finally launched a blog!

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


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