#100HappyDays. Days 61 – 90

So my #100HappyDays challenge is heading towards the pointy end.

For this section the challenge was more #100RoutineDays instead of #100HappyDays, and ironically I really didn’t feel happy during this section.  In fact, a lot of the time I felt frustrated and tried to grasp anything I could to be happy for a moment.  It wasn’t the challenge that was making me feel frustrated, it was just my days in general.  I don’t know what it was that made me feel off maybe it was because I’ve been lacking motivation lately so haven’t been releasing my happy endorphins much, or my sister’s impending departure? Not sure, anyhow here’s how days 61 – 90 went:

#100HappyDays Days 61-70

Day 61 Wednesday 25.06.14
Today I started playing around with a great photo editing and design tool called PicMonkey. I highly recommend it and expect a lot of my time going forward will be spent on this site.

Day 62 Thursday 26.06.14
Currently waiting for my takeaway goodness to come home.  I always look forward to fast food Fridays.  I’m thinking pizza is definitely on the menu tonight.

Day 63 Friday 27.06.14
Tonight I had a great night with my old work colleagues. It made me realise how much I miss laughter and good stories with work colleagues, which is actually kind of sad.

Day 64 Saturday 28.06.14
Today is sister day, a whole day dedicated to my sister eating, shopping, relaxing, and movies, what we do best.

Day 65 Sunday 29.06.14
I finally have a clean cooktop! It’s not as clean as I’d like it to be but it will do for now.

Day 66 Monday 30.06.14
Just looking through old photos and found this goodie, a double bodied camel.  It made me laugh.

Day 67 Tuesday 01.07.14
Today I took a little visit to another of my food happy places Thomas Dux.  This place is amazing.

Day 68 Wednesday 02.07.14
Today I’m going to make some notes in my new cute little book, if this can’t inspire ideas then nothing will.

Day 69 Thursday 03.07.14
I got invited to an unexpected work meeting today which meant I got to leave early and sneak in the grocery shopping a day earlier. Now I can avoid the Friday grocery shopping madness!

Day 70 Friday 04.07.14
So something that has been part of previous happy days – my ducted heating has suddenly stopped working. Why oh why!!! Even Muffin was so cold she was sitting on it this morning waiting for it to heat up her bum. I also left my lunch at home as I wanted to get out of the igloo quickly.  The only happy I feel will happen today is my free coffee oh and it’s Friday yay!!

#100HappyDays Days 71-80

Day 71 Saturday 05.07.14
Tonight we’re going all fancy pants, a semi healthy snack for once.

Day 72 Sunday 06.07.14
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me happy, like a car that’s finally been cleaned.

Day 73 Monday 07.07.14
After four years of owing tax I finally got a refund. I still owe a crap load of HECS (thanks Masters degree) but maybe I can buy some boots to celebrate/commensurate?

Day 74 Tuesday 08.07.14
I’ve started to think about getting shoes that will handle all the walking I’ll do when I hit the streets of Japan.  I think these will do nicely!

Day 75 Wednesday 09.07.14
I’m glad my boyfriend salvaged my apple pies from the bin where I put them to stop from overeating them.  Warm apple pie with icecream is one of the best ways to warm up on a cold night. I know this is kind of gross, salvaging food from the bin, but they were totally clean.

Day 76 Thursday 10.07.14
Just catching up with my boyfriend’s cousin and his wife from Canberra at one of my absolute favourite restaurants Borsch, Vodka, and Tears and having a naughty end of week drink.

Day 77 Friday 11.07.14
Today has not been a good day as I’ve been feeling really agitated and annoyed for no particular reason. The best happy I can muster is prawn crackers. I love them.

Day 78 Saturday 12.07.14
Paying up to 80¢ extra for soy at cafés is highly frustrating. Luckily Muffin Break is the only place I know that charges nothing for soy, and the coffee is great too.

Day 79 Sunday 13.07.14
I bought some walking shoes for Japan today. Not my first choice but I’m still happy with them.

Day 80 Monday 14.07.14
I was just in the middle of writing about my giant cookie happiness when I got the call to say my ducted heating’s getting replaced tomorrow morning. I don’t ever think I’ll be more happy during a work day then I am now, and even happy to spend my tax return on something aside from food.

#100HappyDays Days 81-90


Day 81 Tuesday 15.07.14
It’s all happening today, the ducted heater’s getting installed and my first shoe online purchase arrived yay!

Day 82 Wednesday 16.07.14
Tonight I’m seeing an early screening of Sex Tape with my sister as a mid week date.  I bypassed the free large popcorn I would have got from booking online as I’d have to eat it myself.  Possible but naughty.

Day 83 Thursday 17.07.14
I love sleep it makes me so happy, so tonight I’m turning in early.  I’ve already pre-heated the bed at the maximum electric blanket setting. Sweet dreams.

Day 84 Friday 18.07.14
Muffin here taking over mum’s #100HappyDays challenge. I’m super happy she works to pay for my food and heating. Warming my butt up as I lick my lips from the food my mum also works to buy me is the best life ever.

Day 85 Saturday 19.07.14
Today I’ve felt super sluggish, hoping a late night dig will make me feel better.

Day 86 Sunday 20.07.14
Finally after having her for three months I’ve finally used Madeleine! Made some jam fancies. Yep my Kitchenaid has a name.

Day 87 Monday 21.07.14
Lollies I love them!! The ultimate in happy moments. I’ve tried to ban them from my life, but let’s get real, that’s NEVER gonna happen.

Day 88 Tuesday 22.07.14
This is a quote I live by as the two things I live for and that make me the happiest are food and travel. I’ve been overseas every year since 1999 with no plans to stop anytime soon.

Day 89 Wednesday 23.07.14
I’m happy the Bachelors back even though it’s super corny and very cringe worthy I still love it.

Day 90 Thursday 24.07.14
Yep it’s food again, I’ve just discovered salt and vinegar popcorn. So good!

All that’s left now is the last 10 days, I can’t believe I’ve nearly made it.  Lets see how it all ends….

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


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