#100HappyDays. Days 31 – 60

So my #100HappyDays quest continues.   I’m not sure how I feel about this challenge just yet.

Days 31 – 60 were not as easy as the first 30 days as I’m finding it harder and harder to find different things each day that make me happy. I know the goal of this challenge isn’t to find something different to be happy about every day, but I can’t really make eating chocolate and drinking tea my happy for every work day.  If that’s all that I’m happy about every day then I really need to evaluate my life.

So here’s what happened during the second portion of my #100HappyDays challenge.

#100HappyDays Days 31 - 40

Day 31 Monday 26.05.14
I finally got to use a homegrown lemon in my dinner tonight.  After much TLC lemon tree number one (which was a lemon) didn’t want to produce lemons so it went bye bye. Lemon tree number two was bought with lemons already on it.  Its lemons smell beautiful and squeezed really easily. Lemons definitely look and taste better when they’re home grown.

Day 32 Tuesday 27.05.14
I now have 1.5 hours of mummy and Muffin time, which means watching TV and eating this beautiful Zest of Lime Lindt chocolate which I HIGHLY recommend.

Day 33 Wednesday 28.05.14
I finally took the plunge and hired a cleaner to clean my floors and bathrooms – my least favourite chores.  Now I have more time to eat chocolate!

Day 34 Thursday 29.05.14
I finished reading The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body by Cameron Diaz.  It was really easy to read and I really enjoyed it.  It has simple advice on how to treat your body properly.

Day 35 Friday 30.05.14
Today I had a very full day both in time and stomach at the Food and Wine show. I ate way too much but it was so much fun!

Day 36 Saturday 31.05.14
Had a great day shopping picking up some goodies for the house.

Day 37 Sunday 01.06.14
Today I broadened my horizons and saw Nitro Circus, which I gave my boyfriend as a gift for our five year anniversary. This is something that I’m not at all in to but I must admit I was super impressed by the craziness of the flipping and turning on all sorts of machinery and bikes.

Day 38 Monday 02.06.14
There’s nothing like coming home to a heated house. Muffin loves it too as she has her bath while warming up.

Day 39 Tuesday 03.06.14
Today Muffin and I came home to a clean and great smelling home. The shower and spa are the cleanest I’ve ever ever seen them, even Muffin agrees. I feel lazy but great and couldn’t recommend a cleaner more.

Day 40 Wednesday 04.06.14
It took way longer than anticipated but today I got hosting and started the process of setting up this blog, just one small step into one of the big goals I have for this year as part of my one little word of 2014 – create.

#100HappyDays Days 41 - 50

Day 41 Thursday 05.06.14
My sister and I are total Nandos nuts, crazy for it’s goodness and of course CHIPPIES!!

Day 42 Friday 06.06.14
I feel like I haven’t bought anything for ages, so indulged in a little retail therapy today.

Day 43 Saturday 07.06.14
I can’t believe that all the main areas of my garden are now finally done! The different coloured mulch that got delivered today (which I was super angry about) was managed to be spread out so it blended with the old mulch.  Now if someone could please discipline my screaming cat and remove the mountains of dirt I now have it would be a great day.

Day 44 Sunday 08.06.14
I just had a shoulder massage at a place where the masseurs normally talk to each other so you can’t relax. Today they were all quiet.

Day 45 Monday 09.06.14
I love it when a public holiday falls on a Monday and you get a super long weekend. These are especially great when you start to make plans with your little sister who’s only around for a little longer (she’s going away to USA to study and I will not survive her absence). To make these plans I’ve started diarising them old school.

Day 46 Tuesday 10.06.14
Today I’m being one of those annoying people who are at the shops before they open so I thought I’d stop for a coffee. Lucky me I was up to a free one on my loyalty card yay!

Day 47 Wednesday 11.06.14
Hmmm today’s a hard one as it’s after work hours and I’m at a work cooking session which is a total waste of my time.  The only happy part is I will soon get to go home – after eating some of the glorious food of course.

Day 48 Thursday 12.06.14
I’ve been playing around with the vases in my kitchen for awhile not quite sure what to fill them with. Recently I bought blue, pink, and yellow stones to go in them which I had to hand pick to find the best ones in each packet.  I’ve now decided that I don’t like the stones so have bought cupcake holders which I finished picking today. So let’s see the result…

Day 49 Friday 13.06.14
I’ve been really getting into blogs lately and have found some great ones! It’s definitely an activity to do when you want some time out.

Day 50 Saturday 14.06.14
Wow the half way mark. Today I had a really bad dentist visit which has resulted in me deciding to finally find a new one.  My car radio is also playing up, and my boyfriend won’t stop aggravating me about Muffin’s screaming.  The light at the end of the tunnel was having dinner with a good friend.  It was fun, relaxing, and I got to eat dessert!

#100HappyDays Days 51 - 60

Day 51 Sunday 15.06.14
Today was a great day. I caught up with my sister for a massage in the morning, then had lunch with my boyfriend at a place that looked small at the front but opened up to a huge cafe with a waterfall.  I also finally filled up my kitchen vases, and am now about to have Mummy and Muffin time.

Day 52 Monday 16.06.14
Tea and chocolate time a very prominent feature of this challenge but one of my most frequented happy moments.

Day 53 Tuesday 17.06.14
Today I finally organised one of the kitchen cupboards that has been annoying me for some time.

Day 54 Wednesday 18.06.14
I did something really really bad to Muffin today, which involved throwing her off my lap so she landed on the floor on her side.  I feel awful and from now on will never stop her from going on my lap when she wants to. At least she’s happy now.

Day 55 Thursday 19.06.14
I find it super hard to get pants to fit me which is why I’m extra happy that I found some super comfy and cheap (only $40) pants from Uniqlo – they have an elastic waist band, does that make me an old person?

Day 56 Friday 20.06.14
I absolutely love these pendant lights at a restaurant that has amazing cakes.  I  really want to ask them where they got them from.

Day 57 Saturday 21.06.14
Today is not the most ideal weather to be doing this, but I am having a quiet stroll around a nursery for some garden inspiration before meeting my parents for lunch.  There’s nothing better to soothe a bad mood then looking at gorgeous garden ideas.

Day 58 Sunday 22.06.14
What a long productive computer filled day. Today my neighbour invited me over for coffee which was weird because a neighbour has never done that before. It was good to go and be social and meet some other neighbours as well.

Day 59 Monday 23.06.14
There’s almost nothing better than hearing the rain outside while the heaters running and Milkazoid and I can catch up on social media.

Day 60 Tuesday 24.06.14
I don’t know if it was the bacon or chicken skin but Muffin left me alone while I was cooking dinner and now it appears she’s put herself to bed. This makes me very happy as I can do some computer work.  I’m hoping I’ve found the magic quiet cat elixir.

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


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