#100HappyDays. Days 1 – 30

My first 30 days of the #100HappyDays challenge was quite fun. I tried to find something different each day that made me happy, although a lot of my happy moments were food related, which wasn’t surprising. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to find something each day which made me happy.

Here’s my first 30 days.

Day 1 Saturday 26.04.14
I’ve been working on redoing my entire garden since last year. Finally part of the front is nearing completion. Here’s the before and after shots.

Day 1 (a) Day 1 (b)


Day 2 Sunday 27.04.14
Listening to Michael Bublé’s To Be Loved tour playlist in preparation for his concert on Wednesday whilst making Apple and Hazelnut Bircher was definitely a highlight today. Michael Bublé always makes me happy.

Day 2


Day 3 Monday 28.04.14
Chicken Tagine is a meal that cooks itself, which is the best. This means that whilst it’s cooking I can clean the kitchen so all that’s left after dinner is to clean the dishes we ate in, and then relax on the couch ready to watch My Kitchen Rules.

Day 3


Day 4 Tuesday 29.04.14
Chips! I really could just leave today as one word. I love chips they make me sooo happy. I could eat them everyday. I’m pretty sure food is going to be the majority of my #100HappyDays challenge.

Day 4


Day 5 Wednesday 30.04.14
Waiting for Michael Bublé I love him!

Day 5


Day 6 Thursday 01.05.14
Taking a moment before having to go to work.

Day 6


Day 7 Friday 02.05.14
My wall of trees has finally been cleared away, giving the snails more room to party.

Day 8 Saturday 03.05.14
Sister day! Today I’m spending the day with the little sister having breakfast, watching The Other Woman and shopping. Much deserved and looked forward to.

Day 8


Day 9 Sunday 04.05.14
My new toy!! Now I have no excuses not to get serious about baking.

Day 9


Day 10 Monday 05.05.14
On the couch with Milkazoid. I’ve eaten heaps of chocolate and lollies (naughty) and am now watching MasterChef. I haven’t gotten into the last few seasons so am happy and excited to see how it goes this season.

Day 10


Day 11 Tuesday 06.05.14
Morning yoga – so hard to get out of bed for but definitely worth it.

Day 11


Day 12 Wednesday 07.05.14
I’m very happy that it took only 2 Nurofens to get rid of the headache I woke up with. Usually it takes more.

Day 12


Day 13 Thursday 08.05.14
Today is my five year anniversary with my boyfriend who makes me very happy when I can annoy him. I came home to some gorgeous flowers and finally went to Longrain.

Day 13


Day 14 Friday 09.05.14
I’m happy I’ve decided to go back onto my FODMAPS diet that a dietician advised me to go on a couple of years ago for some health concerns that I have. Hopefully this will also enable me to achieve one of the create goals I set for myself this year. However, all bets are off after dinner so I can still eat freely at night.

Day 14


Day 15 Saturday 10.05.14
I never thought I’d be so happy to see mulch, I’ve literally been dreaming about this day. I’m finally going to finish the frontyard. Please Melbourne hold off on the rain. Hopefully most of its out of your system when it bucketed down this morning.

Day 15


Day 16 Sunday 11.05.14
Even though I’m currently feeling irritated for no particular reason, seeing Charlie today made me happy. He’s so cute and always greets you with a present, which is more than I can say for Muffin. Another year of no Mother’s Day present from her.

The Creative Canvass #100HappyDays days 1-30

Day 17 Monday 12.05.14
It’s such a beautiful day, I’m tying to delay the inevitable and enjoy the sunshine before having to go to work.

Day 17


Day 18 Tuesday 13.05.14
After a day of feeling angry I’ve finally calmed down and found my happiness for the day. This is my all time favourite Kit Kat.

The Creative Canvass #100HappyDays days 1-30


Day 19 Wednesday 14.05.14
Happiness is knowing you don’t have to work tomorrow so you can relax and stay up a bit longer watching TV.

The Creative Canvass #100HappyDays days 1-30


Day 20 Thursday 15.05.14
Happy time eating a pre dinner snack with the little sister after a day indoors at her Uni.

Day 20


Day 21 Friday 16.05.14
Marginally happy as I’m finally about to eat after 1 hour and 45 minutes at the hairdressers. If Milkazoid would shut up then if be totally happy.

Day 21


Day 22 Saturday 17.05.14
One of my ultimate happy places Nudle Knox!

Day 22


Day 23 Sunday 18.05.14
I’ve had an extremely productive weekend. The frontyard is finally finished with a marathon mulching, digging, weeding, and plastic matting 16 hour marathon. Now it’s time to relax.

Day 18 (b)


Day 24 Monday 19.05.14
Having some quality sister time watching Bad Neighbours in Gold Class at Village whilst eating away.

Day 24


Day 25 Tuesday 20.05.14
It’s an early happiness post, but free coffee at the gym today means early morning starts don’t get better than this.

Day 25


Day 26 Wednesday 21.05.14
I love leftovers they mean no cooking and no dishes so you can relax all night.

Day 26


Day 27 Thursday 22.05.14
I’m so happy it’s Friday tomorrow!! I’m also happy that I’ve eaten garlic bread with dinner as it’s been ages since I’ve had it at home. Now about to eat more in the form of a donut and ice cream. Bring on the food!!

Day 27


Day 28 Friday 23.05.14
The only benefit of having a job where no one really cares about you is the ability to take some time out and catch up on your magazine reading. This will make the day go faster.

Day 28


Day 29 Saturday 24.05.14
I just had lunch with one of my favourite people in the world, now off to relax in the beautiful sunshine.

Day 29


Day 30 Sunday 25.05.14
Despite having a good day in the city I’m really aggravated today. Here’s hoping this juice called Happy Juice will perk me up.

Day 30

Since writing this post I’ve completed this challenge. Here’s the remaining days:


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